Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vacation Remix

Hey guys, sorry for being quite aloof lately, I got a visitor over from Mallorca so I'm playing tour guide in Germany, haha!
Hope you all had a great week so far, mine has been awesome. I had a wonderful weekend at the beach and also in Hamburg, Germany's second biggest city, plus we are shooting a short movie in school now so the last few days have been pretty crazy.
Today you get to see some last snapshots of my Mallorca vacation before I will start posting about my trip to Barcelona
By the way, those last few photos were taken in the Cuevas del Drach, an amazing natural cove located in Porto Cristo. Once you enter this magical place you feel like you're wandering through a fantasy movie à la Lord of the Rings. And you know what's the most special part of this enchanting place? Once you're in the middle of the coves they switch off the lights and you get picked up by tiny boats that are lit up playing a classic concert for you, now how romantic is that?
Hope you all enjoy this colorful remix!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Palm Trees in the Port

Dear readers, I got back to Germany about a week ago and I'm already fed up with this weather! I live in the North of Germany, where I moved to study, and since I am back from Mallorca I have rarely seen the sun - just another reason why I escape my home country so often, haha.
However, I already booked my next flight back to my favorite island, until then I will be quite occupied with my new classes anyway.  I absolutely adore my new courses, from now on I'm gonna learn how to design websites, how to shoot and cut movies with the proper programs and also how to design magazine layouts. But, on top of all that, my new favorite class is photography! Yes, I'll finally learn how to take photos like a pro ;-)
To be honest, I'm grateful for having a good eye for special sceneries and objects because that already helps a lot, I have never learned how to photograph professionally though. So from now on I'll get to know all about the right light settings, angles and shooting modes, woohoo!
Since the weather in Germany is not as pleasant as the endless Mallorquin sunshine, I will keep posting a few more photos I took on the Balearic island. You can also look forward to some shots of my Barcelona trip that I took in March, I still haven't found the time to post about it yet.
So here we go, enough said, enjoy the pics ;-)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Travel Secret

Hey there, hope you're all having a great Wednesday! Today's post is all about traveling, since many of you have asked me personally how I can afford my numerous vacations. I know it must seem like I'm never working but always traveling. Thus I'll reveal my travel secret in today's post - Here we go!
First of all, I'm currently a full-time student, I got loads of semester breaks, holidays and days off though which allows me to travel that much. As a globetrotter with heart and soul I use every free day I have to see something new, something more exciting than my apartment. I have grown up in Germany so I don't really feel the need to explore my home country that much. After my graduation in 2010 I lived in New York City for over two years which I could only afford because I lived with a hostfamily for whom I worked.
Secondly, what about now? I am very fortunate to have family on Mallorca, an incredibly beautiful Spanish island, where I spent my entire past summer before I started my first semester. I made loads of friends during those summer months who always offer me a place to stay.
Thirdly, tickets aren't that expensive by now, for those who live in Germany or in a different European country I can totally recommend RYANAIR, they offer ridiculously cheap flights to Mallorca and other magnificent countries.
This is how I can afford traveling to Mallorca almost every second month. I wrote my first exams in January and had a semester break of six weeks after that, lucky me, I spent almost two entire months on my favorite island. 
So guys, if you live in Europe or even in Germany, traveling is really not that difficult, there's always a cheap flight waiting for you and we, as Europeans, are very lucky to have loads of different and diverse countries so close. Even overseas flights are not as expensive as they used to be. I recently booked my next flight to New York City and didn't really pay much. 
So take the chance - go out and see the world, believe me, there's a lot of great adventures waiting for you ;-)

PS: Those photos were taken at the Salines de Llevant, a magnificent place where you can enjoy the rich nature and also learn the sea salt production process.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's a freakin' hot Day

Hey hey guys, today's post is... surprise, an outfit post! Today you get to see nothing but me, how is that?
You all know I'm not thaaat much into outfit posts since I'm a travel slash art slash photography blogger, or whatever you wanna call it. However, fashion can be found on my blog quite often and I decided to do some more outfit posts in the future. 
This is one of them, showing me, as you can see, having a random photo session on the rooftop.
I have bought that vest (yes, fake fur) at H&M when I lived in New York City and have always loved it since then. I thought it would be fun to climb a roof wearing a fur vest on a freaking hot day, not a good idea, after the shoot I was dying for ice cream! However, I like this outfit, you might have noticed that I dress pretty casual most of the time, as it is the case here. Some denim shorts (love those from Pull&Bear!), a basic crop top, some casual boots and red lipstick to pimp the whole look - that's my style... enjoy the pics ;-)

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