Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hiking at Cala Mesquida

Hello there and happy Valentine's Day! Hope you're all spending this special day with your love... unlike me. I'm back in Germany after staying a week on Mallorca and a few days at my parents' home and it really sucks, haha. I have to get everything ready to move to Spain in about six weeks plus I have to go to Hamburg almost every single day this week because of a job and there's also a friend from New York City coming this weekend so I'm really excited but busy. Can't really concentrate on my bachelor thesis but that's how life goes. I guess I'll write it from Mallorca then.
Anyway, today you get to see some pics of a hike on a beautiful day that turned into a pretty stormy one. My boyfriend and I went to the beautiful Cala Mesquida one summer day and always wanted to come back in winter when there are no tourists. So last Sunday we went for a hike from the beach of Cala Mesquida to Cala Torta, another marvelous beach. We loved the trail along the coast and were lucky to enjoy some sunlight before a storm came up and almost blew us away, haha. The rest of the two hour hike was pretty chaotic and cold but still exciting. We saw a little ship wreck and also a group of cute sheep in the mountains. The best thing was that we had the whole place just for ourselves. I guess the people didn't leave their houses that day because they knew about the upcoming storm, lucky them. I really loved being alone with Miguel and just exploring the area and talking and laughing together. I can totally recommend this excursion in winter, it's a beautiful trail and you feel like you got the whole island for yourself. Hope you like the pics, xo

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My five favorite Food Instagram Accounts

Hello there, are you all having a great week so far? I'm still in Germany working on my thesis and I really can't wait to get back to Mallorca, I'm so tired of the grey weather! Thus you get to see lots of colorful pics today. One thing I love about Instagram is that you get to discover lots of interesting accounts - travel, fashion or food accounts that inspire you. I'm a huuuge fan of food... and eating, haha. I also love to cook, it relaxes me and is a great way to let out my creativitiy. I'm pretty sure most of you are also food lovers so I thought that a post about my favorite food Instagram accounts would be a great idea. Here we go!

Taline Gabriel (@talinegabriel)
Taline's Instagram account is loaded with yummy treats, colorful style photos and more inspiring shots. I simply love the boho touch of her feed, everything Taline touches seems to turn into something magical. Plus the smoothie bowls, pancakes, fruity desserts and other treats she creates look irresistible! You can find all her recipes on Taline's App or her website Hippie Lane.

Photos by Taline Gabriel

Ellie Bullen (@elsas_wholesomelife)
I've been following Ellie's wonderful Instagram account for a long time now and it never gets boring. She doesn't only post amazing food photos but also inspiring travel pics. I love the bright colors of her feed, looking at her photos always cheers me up. Ellie creates wholesome plant based recipes from tasty matcha lime and vanilla cupcakes to mouthwatering rainbow rice paper rolls. Check them out on her blog Elsa's Wholesome Life.

Photos by Ellie Bullen

Cortney Seaver (@projectsunny)
When I saw the delicious looking smoothies and other treats she creates I just had to follow Cortney on Instagram. I love her cheerful feed and the tips she shares with her followers. I think one of my favorites is Cortney's spirulina chia pudding you see on the next photo, I haven't tried it yet but I'm pretty sure it tastes as amazing as it looks! You can fnd all her recipes and more health tips on her blog Project Sunny.

Photos by Cortney Seaver

Jessica Merchant (@howsweeteats)
I discovered Jessica's wonderful blog on Bloglovin and fell in love with it right away. She creates amazing meals and drinks, from pumpkin nutella hot chocolate to all types of salads to crunchy taco kale salad. Stop by her blog How Sweet It Is for all recipes.

Photos by Jessica Merchant

Best Of Vegan (@bestofvegan)
For all the lovers of vegan food, here's a great account for you! Best Of Vegan shares other users' easy and creative recipes on a daily basis. I love this account because you can directly check out the recipes and also get to explore more food accounts.

Photos via Best of Vegan

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Blogger Event on Mallorca

Hello my dear readers, nope, I don't just wanna skip winter with this post, I simply don't have much time to do any new outfit, lifestyle or Mallorca posts because I'm pretty occupied organizing my bachelor thesis so I can start writing, selling furniture to get ready to move to Mallorca and arrange more things one's gotta get done before moving to a different country.
So today I wanna show you some photos of my first blogger event ever which took place on Mallorca last September. Until then I had never really been very interested in blogger events, don't get me wrong, I love connecting with other bloggers but I do it privately for other, non-commercial reasons. So when Laura, who owns the blog Laura Mallorca, invited me to a GBN Trends blogger meeting on Mallorca I just couldn't say no. GBN Trends is a blogger network who organizes blogger events in Germany and other countries on a regular basis. The event they organized on Mallorca was a great opportunity for me to meet other girls who own wonderful, professional and succesful blogs, social media profiles or YouTube channels and are real experts. That day I met Luana, who blogs on luana-silva.com, Jana who owns a great blog and the YouTube channel schannaloves, Jasmin who posts very cool videos on her YouTube channel Madametamtam, Karina who you can find on Instagram as tsche_rajna, Carolin of Cocoswonderland and Xenia of Glamourlovexoxo.
We had a great day shooting some pics at Cala Cap Falco, a small beach not far from Palma, having lunch in Port Adriano and dinner at the Steigenberger Golf & Spa Resort in Camp de Mar. I personally enjoyed the dinner most because we finally got the chance to quietly sit down and talk to each other instead of taking photos and running around. I got to know the girls better at the end of the day and loved all their inspiring stories about their blogs but also their personal ones about boyfriends, pets, family and fashion. I think blogger events are a great chance to meet fellow bloggers, gain insight into their work as professionals and get to know them personally. Plus, most of the time you get to do fun stuff, haha. Thank you GBN Trends for the great opportunity, I had a wonderful day with these ladies!

PS: That day I only had my phone with me so the more professional photos were taken by by RandomPace and others by me.

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