Sunday, March 1, 2020

Salt des Freu Excursion

Dear readers, I sincerely hope you and your families are doing well and hanging in there during this crazy and uncertain time. What a strange world we are living in right now. My heart is truly with you all. I know most of us are staying home right now, including us here in Spain, so I wanted to write a new post for you guys to offer you something to read and also something to look forward to once all this is over.

Es Salt des Freu in Mallorca

Today's post is about a day excursion to Orient my boyfriend and I did on a sunny day this winter. We explored the natural "Es Salt des Freu" waterfalls for the first time and let me tell you, it was such a magical experience! During winter time, after heavy rainfall, the Torrent de Coanegra river fills up and turns into beautiful springs and waterfalls hidden in a fairytale forest near Orient, a little village located in Mallorca's Serra de Tramuntana. You can only enjoy this natural spectacle for a few days during the year. We were lucky to see the waterfalls in sunlight which made our excursion even more magical.

This untouched piece of earth is located just a few kilometers from the village of Orient on the road from Bunyola to Alaro. We have accessed Orient via Alaro though, coming from Alcudia. The beginning of the route is signposted with a wooden sign that shows the way to Santa Maria. It's an easy hiking route (approx. 20 minutes) across the country on the "Camí des Freu" path lined with dry stone walls. The path is a bit rocky and muddy after rain so you better wear older shoes or rain boots. After passing some olive trees, a beautiful widespread countryside and herds of sheep you will reach the river and the first springs.

It's a bit tricky to cross the water to get to the other side of the river. We crossed the stream to the right and enjoyed the first sight of the crystal clear water spouting between moss-covered rocks and trees. You could think a fairy or little dwarf shows up any moment in this magical forest. After resting there for a bit we continued our way down until we reached a hill from where we could admire the biggest waterfall from above. Watching the amount and force of the water running down the hill was very impressive!

If you look further down the valley, you will see a small path you can follow. Once at the bottom, you can experience the "Es Salt des Freu" waterfall in all its glory. It is much bigger than it looks here in my photos! If you get a little closer you get really wet so be careful with your phone or camera.

Even though we visited on a Sunday noon and there were lots of visitors when we arrived we could still enjoy the waterfalls in absolute peace. You can always find a spot where there are no people and many families also left during lunch time. Furthermore, you will most likely see some people wearing a wetsuit and helmet. These are the outdoor sports fans who are doing a canyoning tour. It must be so much fun hiking, sliding and climbing through a canyon and jumping or swimming in the turquoise water. I will definitely come back one year for a canyoning tour.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I would recommend this excursion to anyone (especially families) visiting the island in winter. Exploring "Es Salt des Freu" is such a magical, calming experience and will make you appreciate our beautiful Earth even more. Please stay healthy and safe, everyone! Until next time <3

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Hawaiian Vibes at Ola Poke Palma

Hello you guys, happy new year! I hope you all had a great start of 2020. My first few weeks of this year have been pretty relaxed but also exciting. I spent a beautiful weekend with my boyfriend in Madrid for his birthday (post coming soon) and did lots of other cool things with my friends and family.

Before traveling to Germany for Christmas in December my boyfriend and I went for lunch at Ola Poke, a hip Hawaiian restaurant in Palma de Mallorca that serves delicious poke bowls, smoothie bowls, healthy lattes and many more tropical dishes and drinks.

I'm a big fan of poke bowls because they combine all fresh ingredients of a sushi roll in a tasty dish. The raw fish, rice and colorful veggies plus the spicy salsa create a unique flavor. Also, poke bowls are really nice to look at, haha. At Ola Poke in Palma I tried the Cali Poke with sushi rice, salmon, mango, avocado, cream cheese and more yummy toppings. It was amazing! Miguel had the Tropical Shrimp Bowl which was also very good. We tried some organic lemonade and later had a chai and spirulina latte, both also really tasty.

Ola Poke is such a nice place for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Palma. You can chill in their comfy chairs or on lounge sofas while indulging in your poke or smoothie bowl. Or you choose to sit on a swing right by the window for some people watching while enjoying a coffee or colorful latte. It's a real feel-good place that you won't want to leave!

Passeig de Mallorca 32
07012 Palma de Mallorca
Monday to Saturday 12:30 - 16:30 and 19:30 - 23:00

Friday, December 20, 2019

Morocco Diary - Marrakech

Dear readers, welcome to my last Morocco post and also my last post of 2019. It's been a turbulent year full of important changes, beautiful experiences and trips, unforgettable moments with my family and friends as well as time for personal growth. 2019 was my year of inner change I guess. I practice a lot more mindfulness and yoga now and even started with meditation. I am learning to listen to my inner voice and just go with the flow of life. I am also taking more time for myself to do what I like and disconnect after a stressful 2018. 

One of the things that most make me feel alive is traveling. I can't express in words how much I love traveling. Exploring unknown places, getting to know new cultures, trying foreign food and listening to different languages is what sparks my curiosity, what makes my heart beat faster, what makes me feel connected to myself and the world. If I could I'd travel every month or so to a new place.

Morocco was for sure a great trip and since it's so close to Spain I'm already thinking of going back one day to explore more parts of this beautiful country. Yesterday my boyfriend and I watched the movie 'Hanna' with Saoirse Ronan. She travels to Morocco in that movie and we have recognized so many places and customs like the clothes they wear, the food they eat or what they say in Arabic or Berber language. Traveling (just like having friends from different countries) really teaches you a lot about life and our world!

So here are some tips and pics of our last days in Morocco that we spent in Marrakech. I hope my posts make your travels a bit easier :)

My Opinion about Marrakech

I have to say I had a very different image of Marrakech in mind before getting there. I follow quite a few female traveler profiles on Instagram and always see these beautiful photos of girls in long, flowy and colorful dresses sitting on cozy cushions and rugs or by a pool in a breathtaking riad sipping Moroccan tea and just living an amazing life. The truth is, Marrakech is not really like that. Of course, there are some beautiful riads and buildings. But after having traveled to different parts of Morocco I can say that Marrakech is surely not the prettiest town of the country. Yes, it may be the liveliest and most exciting one (and also the most touristic one). But in reality Marrakech didn't look as amazing as on Instagram. The souk (a popular photo spot) is super crowded and you get easily lost. Vendors can become very impolite if you don't want to buy anything from them. There are indeed a few beautiful buildings but many others are quite shabby and rundown. There are also some magical gardens, however you have to pay to enjoy them and expect a lot of tourists. We didn't even visit one of the most famous sights in Morocco, the Jardin Majorelle, because we didn't want to visit a spot just because it's famous on Instagram and then share it with hundreds of other tourists and not be able to enjoy it. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our two-day stay in the city. I listed some spots for you guys below, places we have visited and also places that were on my list but that we have decided to leave out.

What to do in Marrakech

What to see
  • Bahia Palace: For that royal feeling and beautiful architecture
  • Jemaa El Fna Square: The heart of Marrakech
  • Souk: For all shopping fans and people who love culture
  • Jardin Majorelle and YSL museum: For designer fans and people who don't mind crowds
  • Jardin Secret: Relax in the middle of Marrakech's bustling medina
  • Max&Jan: A unique shopping experience and great rooftop
  • Saadian Tombs: For history fans
  • El Badi Palace: Ancient architecture and history
  • Hammam: Relaxation after a long day of sightseeing, there are many good ones in the medina

Where to eat
  • Café des Épices: For food and drinks with great views, loved the relaxed vibes here and their pistachio brownies
  • Nomad: For gourmet food in an elegant setting
  • Shtatto: For coffee and tea on a beautiful rooftop
  • Cafe Clock: For yummy (and cheap!) breakfast and food

Where to stay
  • Villa Verde: This is where we stayed. The riad was beautiful and centrally located. The rooms were spacious and the beds comfortable. The breakfast was good as well. However, I wish the staff would have spoken better English and the shared bathroom also wasn't the greatest. I added some photos of this place at the end of the post.
  • Riad Yasmine: Private boutique hotel situated in the middle of the Medina of Marrakech 
  • Riad BE Marrakech: Popular spot among bloggers thanks to their beautiful interior
  • Riad UP: Elegant Vintage Arab-Andalusian Palace
  • Riad Jemaa El Fna: Colorful and vibrant riad next to the famous Jemaa El Fna square 
  • Riad Tawargit: Chic guesthouse in the medina
  • Riad Jardin Secret: Hip yet elegant riad famous for its beautiful interior and rooftop
  • La Maison Marrakech: Located in the medina, this stylish riad is the ultimate oasis for those with an eye for design
  • El Fenn: Stylish rooms, beautiful patios and a breathtaking roof terrace
  • La Mamounia: Stunning palace for luxury lovers
  • Riad Z: Elegant boutique hotel located in the medina

I hope these Marrakech tips will help you plan your trip to this exciting city. Marrakech is surely worth a visit when traveling to Morocco so you better don't miss it! With these last tips and photos of our trip I'm saying goodbye for now and hope to welcome you all again in 2020! Best wishes and lots of love, xx Laura

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