Monday, April 21, 2014

Barcelona - the fabulous first Day

So here it is, the very first post of my fabulous trip to Barcelona loaded with lots of city shots!
First of all one tip, whenever you can make it to Mallorca, make sure to check out the flights to Barcelona from Palma de Mallorca, they are super cheap! We paid less than 50 Euro for the flight back and forth with Ryanair. Plus, the flight itself is incredibly short, once I turned on my iPod the flight attendant asked me to switch it off cause we were already landing, just 30 minutes! So if you're on Mallorca for a while it's pretty easy to slip in a trip to Barcelona.
I escaped to this vibrant city at the end of March, it was a three-day trip loaded with intense sight-seeing! It's not necessary to pay for one of the famous red tourist buses when you want to discover Barcelona. We did the bus tour walking... yes, I gotta admit it was exhausting, up to eight hours a day, but believe me, you get to see much more exploring a city by foot! 
So today you get to see loads of tourist pictures! I absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous city, its mix of modern architecture and ancient buildings is sheer fascinating. In addition to that we were spoilt with endless sunshine and a very refreshing breeze, lucky us!

So I put together a list for you of all the famous sights we visited such as...
- the incredible unfinished basilica La Sagrada Família
- a wonderfully relaxing park named Parc de la Ciutadella which is right next to the impressive Arc de Triomf
- L'Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, check out its stunning architecture!
- El Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona's shopping mecca - once you're there make sure to stop by the magnificent Casa Batlló
La playa de la Barceloneta, for the California feeling

- the shimmering Torre Agbar and its ultra modern surroundings
- and not to forget, La Rambla, an amazingly busy but charming tree-lined mall that is home to the Mercat de la Boqueria, a wonderful market where you can find numerous sweets, fruits, yummy smoothies, baked goods, fish, spices and everything the culinary heart desires

Enjoy the photos!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vacation Remix

Hey guys, sorry for being quite aloof lately, I got a visitor over from Mallorca so I'm playing tour guide in Germany, haha!
Hope you all had a great week so far, mine has been awesome. I had a wonderful weekend at the beach and also in Hamburg, Germany's second biggest city, plus we are shooting a short movie in school now so the last few days have been pretty crazy.
Today you get to see some last snapshots of my Mallorca vacation before I will start posting about my trip to Barcelona
By the way, those last few photos were taken in the Cuevas del Drach, an amazing natural cove located in Porto Cristo. Once you enter this magical place you feel like you're wandering through a fantasy movie à la Lord of the Rings. And you know what's the most special part of this enchanting place? Once you're in the middle of the coves they switch off the lights and you get picked up by tiny boats that are lit up playing a classic concert for you, now how romantic is that?
Hope you all enjoy this colorful remix!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Palm Trees in the Port

Dear readers, I got back to Germany about a week ago and I'm already fed up with this weather! I live in the North of Germany, where I moved to study, and since I am back from Mallorca I have rarely seen the sun - just another reason why I escape my home country so often, haha.
However, I already booked my next flight back to my favorite island, until then I will be quite occupied with my new classes anyway.  I absolutely adore my new courses, from now on I'm gonna learn how to design websites, how to shoot and cut movies with the proper programs and also how to design magazine layouts. But, on top of all that, my new favorite class is photography! Yes, I'll finally learn how to take photos like a pro ;-)
To be honest, I'm grateful for having a good eye for special sceneries and objects because that already helps a lot, I have never learned how to photograph professionally though. So from now on I'll get to know all about the right light settings, angles and shooting modes, woohoo!
Since the weather in Germany is not as pleasant as the endless Mallorquin sunshine, I will keep posting a few more photos I took on the Balearic island. You can also look forward to some shots of my Barcelona trip that I took in March, I still haven't found the time to post about it yet.
So here we go, enough said, enjoy the pics ;-)

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