Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Inspiration

Hey my lovely readers and fellow bloggers, how's it going? Are you all having a nice Christmas season?
I'm currently trying to escape all the school stuff in my head by blogging more ;-)
Picking photos and editing them plus writing texts the way I like is simply relaxing and distracting me from what I actually have to do for university, haha. My mom's gonna come over this weekend to pick me up and take me home for a Christmas break, so I'm gonna have some family time far away from university. I still have to study during the holidays though, ugh!
Anyway, today you get to see loads of inspiring Christmas pics I took during the last few years in Germany and NYC. Some stars, some decoration, some candy and holiday glam...
If you live in Germany or only visit you should definitely check out some wonderful Christmas markets, such as the Dortmunder Weihnachtsmarkt, where I took some of these pics. It's one of the biggest markets in Germany during this season and always worth a visit. Have a hot chocolate or "Glühwein", enjoy some traditional German food or buy some thoughtful presents for your loved ones - there's a lot to do on Christmas markets!
If you happen to spend Christmas in New York make sure to swing by the huge tree at the Rockefeller Center, go ice skating in Central Park or Bryant Park, and check out the amazingly decorated shop windows on Fifth Avenue - the city is a true winter wonderland in December!
Hope you like the photos and have a wonderful Christmas season! xoxo

New Yorker Christmas 

Second photo shot by Maik Büger

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Student Movie and a Furry Winter

Hey guys, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty tough! I just finished my second shooting day of my first short movie. It's a university project we have to do and let me tell you, it's a whole lotta work! I have been preparing and organizing everything for the movie the last couple days until we started shooting yesterday - all weekend long from sunrise till almost midnight. We're hopefuly gonna finish the last scene tomorrow and then call it a day! It's fun to work in such a big group and you really get to know the other students so much better by spending all day with them. Shooting can also be quite stressful but in the end you're even prouder of the outcome after days of such hard work.
So tonight I finally found some time to publish a new post. Another outfit post, yay!
My mom gave me this fur vest and I simply love it - it's huge and comfy and keeps me warm when I can't escape to Mallorca ;-)
I paired the fake fur vest with a burgundy blouse by Stradivarius and my new fav leather pants I bought at H&M. Hope you like the look! I'm off to bed, it's been a long weekend for me. So sleep tight, everyone, and sweet dreams :-)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


My dearest readers, I hope you all had a great start of the week. Good news: Monday is over, haha! And I got even better news for you: Since winter has arrived I'm gonna attack you with some outfit posts from now on - what to wear in December! No palm trees and sunsets anymore but winter looks! 
Let's start with a style I fell in love with right the minute I put on the clothes: Oversize!
You might have noticed that I'm a big fan of casual and comfy clothes but why not be chic at the same time? So this look is a perfect combo of coziness and elegance. 
I paired the boyfriend jeans with and oversize pullover and added a fur vest to give it a winter touch. The pretty headband makes the whole outfit chic, just like the boots, which is a perfect contrast to the destroyed jeans. Add a black clutch, pink lips and a bold statement necklace for some extra glam - there you go! An urban winter look that keeps you warm and looks stylish.
I hope you guys like the outfit... More coming soon ;-)

Jeans, vest, headband: H&M
Boots: Flip Flop
Pullover: Vero Moda
Necklace: Pieces
Clutch: Primark

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The perfect Sunset

Hey guys, this will be my last Mallorca post of the year. I'm back in Germany by now and it's freezing which actually makes me realize that Christmas is just around the corner. Since I'm constantly traveling back and forth between Germany and Mallorca I got kinda lost with the seasons. While I was on Mallorca it was so hot that I could run around in shorts. Here in Germany the winter coat is a must! So what am I doing the last couple weeks before heading home to see my family for Christmas? I'm pretty occupied with my studies, we are about to shoot our first short film which requires so much organization! In addition to that I'm preparing a presentation about financing models for blogs! Yea, you heard it, I need your help, if you have any tips or can recommend great websites regarding this topic, feel free to leave a comment with the link or your advice ;-)

About today's post: These pics were taken at the Botel Alcudiamar which is surrounded by the water of Port d'Alcúdia's bay and provides you with terrific views. It's a small but very charming hotel located in Alcúdia's harbor and the best thing about it is the amazing infinity pool! Since it's an almost abandoned place by now, you can take wonderful sunset photos there, which my sister and I did. I just love the tropical vibes of this place. Enjoy the pics and happy December! ;-)

PS: Interested in staying at this wonderful place - Check out the hotel's website by clicking here.

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