Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Beach Shooting

Hey there, how is everything? Are you all having a great week so far?
I'm pretty busy these days, our university projects are keeping me occupied, I had a fun commercial shooting last weekend, plus my birthday's coming up! Next week I'm also heading back to Mallorca, so I'm super excited!
Today I have some pics of my last shooting on Mallorca for you. I actually have an agency there now, Characters Models, and did a test shoot with a German photographer for them. Marcus Kaspar is a very talented, fun guy who was looking for a model to do a beach shoot. So we teamed up and shot some great pics in Es Trenc on Mallorca. Check out Marcus' page here.

And here's the final edited selection of my favorite photos, hope you like them as much as I do ;-)

All the photos are protected by copyright, pictures can only be used with prior consent. 
It is strictly forbidden to use the pictures for commercial reasons.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Menorca's Nature

Hey there, so here comes part two of our trip to Menorca! After exploring some cities the first day we decided to look for some beaches on our second day. Unfortunately it was a little grey and cloudy so we couldn't stay at the beach all day. However, we visited the Faro de Cavalleria, a beautiful lighthouse on Menorca's coast, and even found an awesome cove around there. There's a tunnel right next to the lighthouse that leads you trough the rocks until the end from where you have an amazing view over the ocean. People afraid of darkness or heights shouldn't take this path though, it's pretty scary but really adventurous!

After that we went to the Platja de Cavalleria, a wonderful beach I have seen on Dulceida's blog before, one of my favorite Spanish bloggers. Over there we got a little dirty and muddy, I felt like a wild child using the red soil at the beach as body lotion, my boyfriend and I had so much fun! You shouldn't wear a white bikini though if you wanna try it ;-)

After spending a couple of hours at the beach our friend took us to Fornells, a very pretty town by the sea with lots of cafés and cute shops. We actually wanted to go sailing there but it was way too windy, bad luck.

At night we went to Pont d'en Gil, a natural bridge 'hanging' in the ocean near Ciutadella, to watch the sunset. Our trip couldn't have ended better!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Exploring Menorca

Hey there, today I'm attacking with loads of colorful pics of our wonderful trip to Menorca! I've been to Mallorca many times but have never seen the other Balearic Islands (except for when I spent a few days on Ibiza when I was little) so I wanted to see a different island this summer. My boyfriend's friend, who's from Menorca, came over for a visit with his girlfriend and we talked a lot about the differences between the Balearic Islands. When they invited us to stay with them for a few days and explore their island we couldn't resist!
So my boyfriend and I took the Balearia ferry from Port d'Alcúdia to Ciutadella on Menorca. The ferry leaves at several hours every day and the prizes are quite reasonable, even though I had to pay more than my boyfriend since I'm not a Mallorca resident (yet!). We took the ferry early in the morning to spend as much time on Menorca as possible. Once we arrived our friend picked us up at the harbor, we left our stuff at his place and went for a looong walk through the beautiful town of Ciutadella. 'Looks like a film studio' I thought walking through the streets, everything seemed so fake, too pretty to be real. Even the Burger King was in a beautiful building, I've only seen that once - in the Hamptons! I fell in love with Ciutadella right away - the colors, the cute shops, the romantic cafés and friendly people - what a wonderful place! I couldn't stop taking photos and wanted to see every little corner of the city. After taking a stroll through the centre, visiting the harbor and stopping at some shops we went for lunch with our friend's girlfriend who was unfortunately working that day. I had a very fresh and yummy piece of salmon with potatoes and mixed greens with orange. We ate at Ses Voltes, a very recommendable place, check out their rooftop terrace!

On the way back to our friend's house we stopped at Mon Natural, one of my new favorite shops! They have everything a bohemian's heart desires! Hippie clothes, boho jewelry, colorful bags - I seriously wanted to buy every single item in this bazaar-like store! I chose a pretty purse in different colors, since I've been looking for a boho/hippie bag all summer long. How do you like it? ;-)

After exploring Ciutadella we decided to check out Binibequer. I saw some pics of this magical place on Instagram (my greatest inspiration haha) and wanted to go see the village myself. And wow, wow, wow, what a place! I've never seen anything alike (a lot of people told me it looks a lot like Ibizia though) - Binibequer is such a pretty, calm and peaceful village, a true gem on Menorca! The houses of the old town are all painted in white and the streets are super narrow, you can climb up the walls between two houses. I was only wondering how the people there can live in such tiny houses, some of the buildings didn't look bigger than a garage or one-room apartment. I was totally stunned by the peace and beauty of this place - Binibequer should definitely be on any bucket list!

There's a really pretty restaurant in Binibequer called Sa Naveta that you should definitely check out when you're in town. Since we had made plans with our friend we couldn't stay for dinner but next time I come back to Menorca I surely wanna give it a try. Just the view and decoration of the restaurant are worth a visit!
Hope you liked the pics, if there's anything you wanna know about Mallorca or Menorca, feel free to leave a comment ;-)

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