Saturday, July 26, 2014

Leave the World behind - Tomorrowland Part II

Hola amigos! Today you get to see the second part of my Tomorrowland adventure. I still can't believe I was part of this mind-blowing festival! In this post you get to see some afternoon and night shots of the incredible party. I couldn't believe my eyes when the sun went down and everything was lit up in beautiful colors, it was just beautiful, like a magical garden. I don't think I have ever seen so many people in one place, not even in NYC!
But now, enjoy the sun and live life to the fullest ;-)

The one and only… SKRILLEX!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This is your Life, make every Second legendary! - Tomorrowland Part I

Hey ho, fellas! I'm so sorry that you didn't hear from me for a while. I had an absolutely crazy week! First of all, I finished all my exams, woohoo! Plus, I got an absolutely awesome surprise - I got invited to TOMORROWLAND! The one and only festival with the world's greatest DJs!
I was super excited when one of my former classmates asked me and my sis to rock this fabulous festival with them. No doubt, we had a fantastic time! Even though we went for just one day, it was sheer incredible. We left early in the morning and got to Belgium around noon. Damn, it was CRAZY! All those people from all over the world - Canada, Australia, Brazil, USA, Sweden, Germany and many more! It was a mixture of mind-blowing music, famous DJs such as Skrillex, magical decoration and effin awesome people! We had such a wonderful time and I took so many pictures that I have to dedicate two posts to Tomorrowland, haha.
By now I'm on Mallorca, it's my second day here and it's super relaxing as always. My camera broke recently, damn, but I'm still trying to take some wonderful vaca pics for you guys.
For now, check out my Tomorrowland photo diary part I. Kisses from Mallorca, xo

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Inspiration

Today's post is all about inspiration! What comes to your mind when you hear the word summer?
Well, I'm thinking of colors, the ocean, sun, beaches, ice cream and not to forget - glamour!
So here are some of my favorite summer pics that I found on various tumblr blogs or via Google. I usually don't post pictures of other blogs or people, just because I love taking the photos for my blog myself. So today's post is a special one ;-) I adore getting inspired by art, other photographers and tumblr blogs or instagram accounts, especially because I'm a huge fan of photography who's always on the look for new poses, ideas and outfits!
So what are my summer plans? Like I said in one of my last posts, I'm heading to Mallorca next week woohoo! Plus, surprise... I'm going back to New York City! August it is, Big Apple here I come!
This is gonna be an unforgettable summer! 

All pics via various tumblr blogs and Google.
I do not own the rights of these pictures.

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