Friday, November 27, 2015

The dreamy village of Deià

Hey there, today I'm taking you to one of Mallorca's most magical places - the dreamy village of Deià. Many people recommended me this pretty town in the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca's mountain range, so I just had to go see it. My friend Kim and I went on a day trip to Deià. We explored the village, had some yummy churros with hot chocolate at the restaurant Las Palmeras and also went to Cala Deià, a beautiful bay hidden in the mountains. Since we went early in the morning it was still pretty chilly but as soon as the sun came out Deià was just magical. I guess that's what people have in mind when they hear 'romantic Spanish mountain village'. Fresh fruit that's sold on the street, charming cafés, artists' studios, magical gardens and much more, that's what makes Deià such a special place. Enjoy the pics ;-)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

If your Life was a Novel, would you want to read it?

Hey guys, I'm back with some new outfit pics taken on my favorite island, Mallorca, and some thoughts regarding my future. I just got back to Spain a week ago and feel like I've never left. You know, it just feels like home. And that's what today's post is all about, my future home! 
Quick throwback, I was born and grew up in Germany, have lived in New York City from 2010 until 2012, and since then I'm traveling back and forth between Mallorca, where my boyfriend lives, and Germany, where I currently study.
So where would I like to spend my future? The more I travel the more I want to live elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, Germany is for sure a great country and I always had a wonderful life there. There are a lot of things Germans can be proud of - I feel safe in my home country, I got a great education and always had quite a good living standard. But since I left Germany to live in New York something has always been tickling me - the adventure. I love, love, love living in foreign countries. To speak a different language, get to know new cultures, get challenged by foreign living standards, that's totally my thing! So now I'm standing between two different countries, Germany and Spain. My boyfriend and I have a wonderful relatonship for two years now and since then so many questions have been running through my head: Where do I wanna live? Do I prefer Spain over Germany? Is Mallorca too small for me? Do I need the German safety, organization and high living standards? Do I want to have my family close? If I get kids, do I want them to grow up on Mallorca? Are there enough things to do for me on Mallorca or will I get easily bored? Do I maybe wanna move elsewhere and neither live in Germany nor Spain?
For now I can tell you this - it looks like I'm gonna move to Mallorca next year. I can't say anything for sure yet but there are a lot of things that make me wanna move to Mallorca. The weather on this island is surely a big advantage, but also the overall quality of life - the nature, great food, friendly and happy people - is a big plus. I'm not willing to live in a place where people are stressed all the time, are negative and unhappy because of the weather or their work. I want adventures, I want to explore the sea, mountains and also the Mallorquin culture, I want to go for a coffee by the beach after work, I want to spend my Sundays relaxing outside with friends and family. I don't know yet if I will have the same attitude next year but this is my wish for now.
Of course I'm also thinking of the negative aspects of living here on Mallorca. I might not find a job that is as well paid as it would be in Germany, I won't be able to get around much without taking a plane or ship, I won't receive the financial aid they give you in Germany and so on. As a German, of course I'm considering all these issues too, but you know what, at the end you just have to ask yourself: If your life was a novel, would you want to read it?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

So I fell in Love with London

Hello there, today you get to see some last pics of my trip to London in October. I'm still so excited when I see these photos, my sister and I had such a fantastic time in London, I definitely gotta go back! On our last day we met up with my sister's friend from Australia in Camden Town, where we checked out the Camden Lock Market, the famous horse stables that were converted into cool shops and Camden's streets where you can find find the most unique stores. Camden totally made me fall in love with London, it's just an overload of beautiful things you get to see there - from donuts or hipster clothes to extravagant jewelry or home decor. You can literally find anything in Camden, it's a perfect shopping mecca, but you might as well just stop by to have a snack at the food market, a true paradise for your taste buds. You should definitely check out Cyberdog, it's such a surreal store, you just have to go see it yourself. We spent half the day in Camden cause there was just so much to see!

After our exciting trip to Camden Town we stopped by King's Cross Station to check out platform 9 3/4 to see where all the magicians get to their trains. We only stayed a few minutes though, there were so many people waiting in line to take a pic with the Harry Potter cart, so we just took a quick photo and left.

One of our last stops was Covent Garden, where you can find luxury goods, indulge in delicacies at Godiva or Ladurée, or take a stroll and check out the market. We've already been to Covent Garden before and it's just as beautiful at daytime as at night.

Before we headed to Stratford Centre where we met up with our friend Victoria to do some shopping, we wanted to see Neal's Yard. I've seen photos of this pretty place on Instagram and wanted to stop by to see the colorful houses in this alley. Our last day was unfortunately a little grey so the colors didn't come out too well on the photos. They have some cute cafés there as well as a charming hair salon, you should definitely stop by when you visit the city someday! So this was my last London post, I hope you liked the photos and that I could help you out with some sightseeing info. London is such a fabulous city and I surely can't wait to go back!

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