Monday, July 29, 2013

Picasso Baby

Hey fellas, today's post is of a very different kind as you will notice. You know I'm always tyring my best to make my blog look as interesting as I can and since I am a very versatile person it comes naturally to me to try a lot of new things such as different kinds of photography or art and fashion - whatever it is that attracts my attention.
After living in New York City for over two years, art is certainly one of my favorite hobbies, no matter if I'm the artist or the admirer. You can find loads of posts on my blog about museums I visited in Manhattan, about art festivals I attended and drawings I did myself (make sure to check out my favorite art festival in Brooklyn by clicking here ). I still didn't post about the famous SCOPE exhibition I attended in March when I was in New York, I promise I'm gonna show you some crazy art pieces you've never seen before!
Today you can check out two of my own drawings/paintings.
The first one is dedicated to a good friend from the States. He is in love with Tarantino movies, his favorite basketball team is the Brooklyn Nets and he is uhm, let's say proud to be an American! Since I adore graffitis I threw my own ideas in there and this is the outcome - a colorful explosion of random objects I put together.
The second painting is a result of my imagination running riot, an abstract version of the New York City skyline. You can clearly tell I'm not a big fan of of black and gray!
I can totally imagine myself standing in my (future) own studio all day, my hair up in a bun, in one of my loose-fitting button-down shirts, just painting all day and getting lost in the flow of colors.
Oh dear, what a great idea... but maybe I should start studying first and earn some money before allowing my hobbies to become my job. Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Whenever I'm with You...

... Life is good! No matter where I am (yea, thanks Kim, for spending your summer in Los Angeles again - 11 hours away from me!) or what I do, I would never want to miss my girls!
After you got to enjoy plenty of Mallorquin vacation pictures, I'm posting from and about Germany again. Today's post is dedicated to my incredible sister and one of my very best friends, who I both dearly love!
I have never been a big fan of having an exorbitant number of friends, neither was I nuts about hanging out with a whole bunch of people who I called my "clique" (unless it was for clubbing). Instead I have always had a couple best friends - incredibly warm-hearted, funny, caring and open-minded friends who I can share my thoughts with, who support me no matter what I do, and love me with all my flaws. My friends are as happy-go-lucky and at the same time as contemplative as I am, we have the same view of life and complement one another perfectly.
Ladies, I have no idea what I would do without you, I can't be grateful enough to have such amazing, powerful girls by my side!  
Cheers to our fabulous friendship!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You can never cross the Ocean unless you have the Courage to lose sight of the Shore

All blue everything is the motto of my (for now!) last post about Mallorca. 
Don't you think that blue is such a calming color? Germany is pretty green I'd say, New York was quite gray and Mallorca is just wonderfully blue and yellow like the sun.
So today you get to see some vacation photos of Port de Pollença's harbor and a wonderful bay called S'illot (make sure to check out that stunning location when you're on Mallorca). You can also see the lovely lighthouse of Alcanada, which is located on a tiny island, and of course, I had to show you Mallorca's amazingly clear ocean once again, that scuba diving picture looks like a pool adventure, right? Nope, that's how amazing the island's beaches are!
And that's why I'm heading back there next week, I simply fell in love with Mallorca!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mallorca's stunning Beauty

Mallorca has astonished me with its beauty again and again while I lived there. I have been to such stunning places that made me feel like I want to publish a book about Mallorca's beautiful nature. It was, and still is, incredible how many breathtaking spots this tiny island is hiding. Be it the ocean that you adore or hiking in the mountains or caves you can explore - there's an unlimited number of activities when it comes to Mallorca's nature.
Today you get to see some shots of a very different kind - no art, no fashion, just nature! Check out my favorite photos I took of the Serra de Tramuntana's mountains, of some amazing beaches, a magical forest and, not to forget... an insanely cute puppy (well, a couple of them - Gosh, it's a stab in the heart that I couldn't take them)!
Plus, my favorite Mallorca picture ever, the very first photo you can see here - playing a mermaid!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hello MTV and welcome to my Crib!

I think everybody has this typical dream to once own a mansion-like house, featuring a crystal clear pool, a huge outdoor area to play tennis and basketball, add a barbecue area and some palm trees - there you go!
I've once been to the kind of home described above, it was about two years ago in the Hamptons, NY. I've truthfully been to about three or four mansions in the Hamptons but that one beat them all. It was a friend's pool party at a fabulous house, right by the ocean, that could have been owned by an oil billionaire. I fortunately didn't get lost but felt kinda dizzy facing the dimensions of this uhm, nice hut. So there was the house, it was incredibly big, probably offering seven or more bedrooms, then we had the pool, actually two. Not to mention the pool house, a volleyball court, two barbecue areas and approximately five seating areas slash lounges to chill at - not to forget the outdoor chimney!
Listen, I'm not used to houses of that size. My house is big, really big, but not THAT big, you know what I mean?! I am still a happy girl. As a kid I used to shoot hoops on the street in front of our house - not on my private basketball court. We loved camping in our garden, added a bonfire and creepy night walks - perfect night for kiddies! We neither had a private cook nor a Bentley in the driveway but hell yea, I loved and still love my crib! (I meant to say our place of residence is and was very pleasant)
Anyway, I've had my experiences with houses of the mansion's size that you can admire in this post. On my nearly perfect Mallorca vacation a friend took us to an area called Bonaire, which is divided into wonderful neighborhoods with stunning houses that have an even more marvelous view of the ocean and the sun setting.
Long story short, I had the chance to to take some memorable pictures for you guys and check out my future residence! Just the oil billionaire is missing...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An ancient Bridge and a Mallorca Insider

Hey guys, I finally found some time to post some new pictures of my Mallorca vacation, I was incredibly busy applying to universities, working and organizing all my vaca pictures. Yes, I am back in Germany... only for a few weeks though, I'll be heading back to Mallorca at the end of July - the summer over there is way more thrilling than the German one :-D
Today you get to see some photos my sister and I took under an ancient, wonderfully romantic bridge by the historic town of Pollença. The bridge called Pont Roma is not only a meeting point for people who love the mountains and sea but also the authentic Mallorca.
There is an amazing hostel right next to it which is called Refugi Pont Roma. It surely has the best Mallorquin food and offers inexpensive accommodation, providing a marvelous view of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and excellent service. If you like, the staff even organizes personal hiking tours through the mountains, excursions or other adventurous activities for you. Whenever you're looking for an affordable accommodation on Mallorca, this is the spot to be! Feel free to check out the Refugi's website by clicking here and their Facebook page (here). Enjoy the pictures!

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