Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Turn up the lights in here, Baby. Extra bright, I want y'all to see this

Hey guys, most of you know that I'm a huge fan of all kinds of art and usually go crazy when it comes to attending freaky events like the "No Pants Subway Ride" last year. Thus I couldn't resist checking out the  ABSTRACT World's Largest Body Painting Black Light Party! 
Imagine yourself in a warehouse in Brooklyn, expecting nothing but a couple partygoers who love experimenting with body paint. Instead, you get to experience an insanely amusing and astonishing abstract art party - all in black light! Participants covered in the most beautiful and creative body paint designs were dancing wildly to electro music. Plus, I got an electrifying face painting myself as you can see on a couple pictures, can't even tell you what a blast we had! My senses were taken on a journey to a new world, a world created by the artists who transformed all the guests into walking canvases with the most glowing art work. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's a Tea Party

After my glam last post about Manhattan's Upper East Side, you will get to see some pictures of an even more glamorous restaurant today - welcome to the Russian Tea Room!
Since I came to New York City in 2010 I always wanted to dine at this place to experience the old Russian glamour. Two years later, one night before I left the United States in December 2012, my boyfriend took me to the Tea Room. Now that I'm back in NYC I finally found some time to share the photos with you and I think this is the first time I dedicated a post solely to a restaurant.
So how is it, dining at the famous Russian Tea Room? Well, I can tell you, you automatically feel like you ascend to the upper class when entering this restaurant! Just by looking around I could tell that 90% of the people sitting in this restaurant belonged to the wealthiest members of society. I came there because I am so much into Russia and it's charm, I felt obliged to visit the Tea Room. After enjoying some tiny pelmeni with truffles and a fabulous duck breast, I had the pleasure to taste the homemade pistachio ice cream - a dream for my belly! I am a big food lover so I can definitely recommend this place, make sure to visit it when you're in NYC - a fantastic menu paired with elegant and enchanting décor, plus beyond polite waiters who treat you like the Queen? Na sdarowje!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good Morning Upper East Siders

Hey guys, I can only imagine how many of you were craving for a post like this one. Today I'm going to show you the place where Serena fights against all the rumors, where Blair throws her super fancy dinner parties and Chuck and Nate cruise around in their limos. Yep, that's it, the fabulous Upper East Side - welcome to Gossip Girl's world!
This is probably what most of you expect when coming to New York City - ultra glam luxury stores, posh girls à la Sex and the City, and the finest selection of shoes, dresses and food - everything a city girl's heart desires. However, there are only one or two neighborhoods similar to Gossip Girl's world in Manhattan, in fact most parts of the Big Apple are pretty cool and laid-back, with a touch of grunge and understatement - not all rich New Yorkers feel the need to show up in a Bentley.
Madison Avenue though, where I took all these pictures, is THE place to be for people dressed in (real) fur coats, wearing Tory Burch flats or Louboutin heels and carrying the tiniest puppy possible under their arm or in their Birkin bag... a shopping mecca for the "oh so rich and famous". Not so much my world but just like the rest of Manhattan - fabulous!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rockin' NYC Nightlife

Looks like New York City's nightlife scene got me back! I can't believe it's been over two weeks now since I came back to the Big Apple, time flies - oh nooo! However, today you get to see some pics of my first night out in Manhattan after my arrival.
This time we went to a restaurant slash lounge called TOY, a pretty cool venue serving yummy food to the hottest music. You know we never stay at one location though, so we took a limo to W.I.P., an edgy underground club and paradise for cool-seekers. Listening to Young Money, Drake and Tyga for a while and then... on to the next one! The last club we partied at was Avenue, where my sister hung out with Gerard Butler last week. Another hotspot for hipsters, check out the pictures!

Third picture via WIPNewYork

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Late-Night Shopping

New York has always been a Mecca for coolness-seekers – and lately it seems like a lot of them have landed in Brooklyn! The borough is filled with tastemakers and creative masterminds who are responsible for Brooklyn's laid-back attitude which I grew to love. As a person who's always looking for the next hottest thing to do I'm constantly looking for extraordinary leisure activities. Thus I went to a fabulous event a couple months ago – the Brooklyn Night Bazaar in Williamsburg!
The bazaar set up in a warehouse was a colorful mix of art, retail, music and food that brought together local artists and dealers, music acts and food vendors - all at night. You could literally find anything on this bazaar including unique nail art, light installations, crazy paintings and delicate jewelry. Of course I couldn't resist treating myself with a blue and pink Brooklyn Bridge print, you know... my heart beats for art!

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