Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When two Life Lovers meet

Hey guys, I hope you are all having a wonderful winter/summer, wherever you live right now. I am still soaking up some Spanish sun on Mallorca, one of my favorite places in this wonderful world.
Once again, I have been very fortunate to meet up with the lovely Encarna of Blogger Heels.
The first time I met up with this energetic girl was in August, remember I spent my entire summer on Mallorca? (Check out the post about our first meeting here). We have kept in touch for a while now so I couldn't resist seeing her when I went back to my beloved Balearic island at the beginning of this month.
This time we went for a coffee in Puerto de Alcudia where we spent over two hours chatting about love, work and life in general. To be honest, I have never met a person in my life who is so excited to see me, haha. Well, maybe my mom when she visited me in NYC, after not seeing me for over a year ;-) Anytime we meet up, Encarna is so full of joy and excitement, it's incredible! She is such a lively, joyful, and adorable person - one must love her! But what I like most about this lady is her vibrant personality and her wisdom.
You probably all have those superficial conversations once in a while, you know, when you don't really feel related to the person you're talking to, to his or her opinion; when you're bored because you're just not interested in talking about the weather or the latest gossip. I'm definitely not one of those girls, I'm kinda into those deep meaningful discussions about let's say the pursuit of happiness or the sense of life.
And Encarna is surely not one of those superficial fashion talkers! I can talk to her about any random topic, be it my love life, my travel experiences, my studies, or my New Yorker adventures - she is the most wonderful person to have a conversation with and give you advice! In return she'll tell you about her exciting vacations, her turbulent life in Palma de Mallorca and her opinion about happiness.
Furthermore she is also a pretty fashionable woman so I really enjoyed having a little photo shoot with her. Check out the photos here and also Encarna's post about our fun meeting by clicking!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mission "Escaping Winter" completed!

All I wanted to do since it got freaking cold in Germany was to get out of this country! I have spent the last two winters in New York City and it surely is freezing over there as well! However, there are a lot more fantastic things to do in the winter time when you live in the Big Apple - you can go ice skating in Central Park, take photos of the stunning shop windows that are so wonderfully decorated around Christmas, you can pick one of the thousand cozy cafés to chill at, or visit Santa at Macy's.
This year though I successfully escaped the winter blues, at least for 10 days. Yes, the photos you get to see here were taken just yesterday. Unbelievable but true, Mallorca seduced me once again, I simply couldn't resist 25 degrees celsius, endless sunshine, and a lot more enchanting villages that want to be discovered.
The first post of my "Escaping Winter" series is about Soller, an adorable city with a beautiful harbor that is hidden in the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana.
Soak up some sun and enjoy ;-)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sightseeing Session

Hello there, hope you all had a great Monday! After celebrating my birthday last week I finally found some time to relax a little. My head is so full of all kinds of media theories, binary codes and writing techniques that I barely succeed in reenergizing.
So the time has come, I treated myself with a flight to Mallorca... again! Germany is surely a nice country but hey, I grew up here, and no matter how much I have to study, I'm bored as hell after two or three months in the cold darkness :-D Kidding, Germany isn't that bad after all but I still need a sweet escape once in a while. And what could be better than indulging in summer cocktails, long sunbathing sessions and reading (media sciences) books at the beach? So be prepared, you will get to see more wonderfully bright and colorful pictures of my favorite Spanish island very soon! I think we all need a short break from winter coats, rain boots and falling leaves so I guess I only do us all a favor ;-)
Until then, have a wonderful start of the week and enjoy these pictures of some architectural masterpieces in the enchanting city called Münster!

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