Saturday, June 29, 2013

Life is a Beach

I wish it was as simple as that! Beachy mood all day, every day! The blue sea, the crystal clear water, the white sand, and umbrellas in wonderfully popping colors - if this ain't a great life! 
I truly do understand why people living in Mediterranean countries are so much nicer and way more relaxed than my German fellas - it must be the sun for sure!
Since I got to Mallorca there was not one day that I didn't feel happy. Don't get me wrong, New York will always remain my second home and an unbeatable city to live in but, hell yeah, Mallorca is extremely close to that mysterious place you call paradise! Even though I am working in between and also applying to universities here and there, I am super relaxed no matter what I do. And even if I don't spend my day at the beach, just walking the beautiful cities at night, accompanied by the warm summer breeze and the sound of chirping crickets, makes me feel joyful and perfectly happy! Indulge in these marvelous pictures!

Friday, June 28, 2013

The perfect Vacation

Hey guys, do you love palm trees as much as I do? I suppose Mallorca's habitants must think I'm crazy when they see me taking photos of random palm trees on the street. Can't blame me, I love those trees that are so common for people who are lucky enough to live in a country that has about 300 days of sun a year!
My Mallorca vacation has been amazing so far! I have experienced so many incredible adventures and seen plenty of different landscapes on this small island, each being extremely impressive. This vacation surely merits the label "perfect". 
Today I show you some more pictures of Mallorca's capital Palma, a vibrant city full of beautifully adorned buildings, extravagant shops, terrific restaurants and one-of-a-kind bars and lounges. Not to forget the marvelous cathedral that immediately attracts your attention when strolling through Palma. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sa Calobra, what a Dream!

So you're on this fabulous island called Mallorca, you wake up every single day with the sunshine, spend most of your time at the beach, do some tanning here and there, and go swimming hoping that you'll get even more in shape for summer. But what if the sun decides not to show up?...
There are plenty of opportunities to have a memorable, insanely cool day without stopping by one of Mallorca's gorgeous beaches. Thank God, we've just had a few cloudy days since the beginning of my vaca. One of them was last Tuesday, a great chance to get to know other parts of the island such as the Serra de Tramuntana, a beautiful mountain range running across Mallorca, which was also awarded World Heritage Status by the UNESCO.
I can only recommend it to you, whenever you have the privilege to visit this magnificent island, make sure to either go hiking, rock climbing or coastering here.You will get stunning views, physically challenging adventures and the most relaxing abandoned places as a reward!
Sa Calobra, a wonderfully quiet bay that provides you with the most impressive nature, is only one of the fabulous hidden spots in the Serra de Tramuntana, so make sure to stop by!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sea Salt in my Hair

I'm sure you all love this feeling when you get back from the beach, walking home with sandy feet and salty hair, you take that longed for shower and get ready for dinner or a fabulous night out under palm trees - that's what I love about summer and vacation... and that's what I love about Spain! 
I've been here for almost a month now and enjoyed every single day of my oh so fabulous "staycation"! I just recently started reading the Da Vinci Code, a marvelous way to extend my general knowledge at the beach. I love the book so much that I almost finished it within a week which is pretty quick for a novel of 600 pages. In between I still take my time to take pictures of nearly everything I experience on Mallorca to keep you guys posted, hope you like it! Check out the magnificent beach of Alcudia :-)

Friday, June 21, 2013

All I see is Blue

Looking through the latest posts of my mediterranean adventures I noticed that my photos pretty much look like postcards. It's such a sensual delight taking pictures of the beautifully clear ocean, various landscapes and Spanish houses, that I regularly shoot more than 500 pictures a day... that's a whole lotta blog material!
Mallorca is such a stunning island that spoils me with endless sunshine, about 30 degrees (in the shade), and one unforgettable event after the other.
Not only do I spend my days on beaches, horses and boats but also on my laptop to keep you posted. Enjoy these pictures of Formentor!

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