Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's a freakin' hot Day

Hey hey guys, today's post is... surprise, an outfit post! Today you get to see nothing but me, how is that?
You all know I'm not thaaat much into outfit posts since I'm a travel slash art slash photography blogger, or whatever you wanna call it. However, fashion can be found on my blog quite often and I decided to do some more outfit posts in the future. 
This is one of them, showing me, as you can see, having a random photo session on the rooftop.
I have bought that vest (yes, fake fur) at H&M when I lived in New York City and have always loved it since then. I thought it would be fun to climb a roof wearing a fur vest on a freaking hot day, not a good idea, after the shoot I was dying for ice cream! However, I like this outfit, you might have noticed that I dress pretty casual most of the time, as it is the case here. Some denim shorts (love those from Pull&Bear!), a basic crop top, some casual boots and red lipstick to pimp the whole look - that's my style... enjoy the pics ;-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lost in Creation

Dear creative minds, this post is dedicated to you! I have spotted this fabulous abandoned theatre in Alcúdia randomly when I was driving by and just saw its awesome graffitis from the outside when I thought 'Hey, that must be a fantastic photo shoot location', thus I decided to go back and check it out. And hell yea, I did find some incredible graffitis! When entering the huge building I first felt a little unsafe facing the enormous ruins and abandoned stage (you never knew if your next step might be last one), which only increased my admiration for this place! Once a wonderfully elegant theatre where concerts and famous shows took place, the building now turned into a street artist's paradise!
You all know I'm a huge art fan - architecture, street art, museums, exhibitions, paintings, sculptures, graffitis... anything extraordinary, unusual in poppin' colors will magically draw my attention! 
So here is the outcome of an extremely fun, creative and adrenaline-loaded shoot - lost in amazement, lost in creation... welcome to Es Foguero Palace!

Monday, March 17, 2014

I've got the Dreamer's Disease

Happy Monday, my lovely readers! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend to the fullest and had a great start of the week!
I'm pretty excited today cause I just started packing... nooo, I'm not heading home yet to Germany... I'll spend the next three days in Barcelona! I've never been to this amazing city but many people have told me to go so I couldn't resist checking it out while I'm in Spain. I've been running around the house all day - posting, tanning, packing, haha! We're leaving at 4am tomorrow morning so it's gonna be a short night for us.
I don't think I'll be able to post much this week since it will be my last one on Mallorca... for now. Gotta admit I haven't really blogged regularly during my vacation, but I'm sure you understand, I got better things to do than sitting in the house with my laptop, haha! I promise, I'll take more time to post once I'm back in Germany. For now, enjoy these pics of the wonderful beach shooting I did with my sister a few days ago!
By the way, I'm posting on Instagram on a daily basis, so if you wanna know what I'm always up to, feel free to follow me there (@laurahlp)!
Have a marvelous Monday!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Meeting the Blogger Heels

A wonderful good morning from the sunshine island! Hope you all had a great start of the week! My weekend was surely fantastic including lots of ice cream, relaxing, sunshine and a little fiesta ;-)
It's my 28th day on Mallorca today and I still got two more weeks to go before heading back to Germany, woohoo! So as long as I'm not sitting in class back at university studying hard, you will get to see many more photos of my marvelous escape to Spain!
Let's kick off the week with some shots of the meeting with one of my favorite bloggers who became a very good friend of mine - meet Encarna of The Blogger Heels
I have met Encarna for the first time in August last year and we had such a great connection right away. We have always stayed in contact since then and met up everytime I could make it to Mallorca (check out the post of our last meeting by clicking here). This time I went to visit her with my sister in Palma, Mallorca's capital, where Encarna took us to a lovely restaurant slash café called Can Joan de S'Aigo. It's an old-fashioned but very romantic place that made me feel like I was sitting in a cute Parisian café, loved it! After chatting over a Latte Macchiato for a while we decided to take some shots, of our meeting and the wonderful city. We had such a fabulous time and I'm always looking forward to seeing this girl whenever I escape to Mallorca ;-) So this is the outcome of our photo session, enjoy!

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