Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear New York City, you will always be my endless Love

Being very romantic today, an entire post about LOVE in New York City - pictures of graffitis, stickers, signs, sculptures - collected over two way too short years! No more words needed, lean back and enjoy!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm doin' my own Thing

Something new today - a post with pictures of... me - only ME!
You might have noticed that I rarely load up more than three pictures of myself per post - why? I do not write a fashion blog, thus I post more pictures of events, cities and landscapes, art or things I just consider as beautiful and inspiring - simple as that! My blog is on the one hand about New York City and what you can experience there (think of my blog as a NYC travel guide), on the other hand it's about my life, sometimes written in a superficial or ironic way (remember my last castle post?), other times from my very personal point of view.
Listen guys, it's not that I don't like fashion blogs, on the contrary, I love spending hours inspecting the latest trends, the hottest spots to be and the fanciest shoes to wear. I constantly get lost in pictures of soft silk blouses, heels as high as the Empire State, Prada dresses in popping colors, and shiny hair. Fashion bloggers have a very distinct and unique style, that's why I admire them and that's why I read their blogs. 
However I do not consider myself as one of them simply because I don't like shopping as much as they probably do. I'm spending more money on books than on bags and more on concerts than on shoes - see, I do not own enough clothes to write an "Outfit of the day" post on a regular basis. Believe me, you would be bored to death seeing me in my Converse or boots every day, always wearing my favorite necklace (if you haven't noticed yet, it's the golden one with the spikes) and leggings (I don't like jeans). In fact, I do know that most of you would like to see more of what my closet is hiding but you will most likely see one outfit post like this one maybe two or three times a year. I leave that to the Excellence of fashion bloggers, cheers! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mon amour, tu me manques!

Un jour, Laura, une fille de dix-huit ans, arrivait sur Paris et voyait la ville la plus fabuleuse du monde! Elle ne pouvait pas en croire ses yeux, la grandeur de Paris l'essoufflait.
La Tour Eiffel; la Seine; tous les palais et les jardins royaux; les batiments ornés; le magnifique Louvre; l’énorme cathédrale Notre Dame; la basilique du Sacré-Coeur et tous les gens qu’elle observait dans les jolies rues - tout cela l'impressionna énormement et lui a aussitôt donnait l’envie d’y vivre. Un jour, lors d’une visite des catacombes de Paris, elle tomba sur un tableau intriguant et dessus était inscrit ces mots: “Pensez le matin que vous n'irez peut-être jusques au soir et au soir que vous n'irez peut-être jusques au matin”...

Whew, that was a whole lotta French! Took me like two hours to compose this text plus the correction of my Parisian friend! Once upon a time (feels like hundreds of years ago) I spoke French fluently but you have to understand... I didn't speak or write French in almost three years! I am still reading books written in this language but you know, it's not the same. Now how sad is that? And it's even worse because I do love the French capital so much that I once wanted to move there - instead I moved to New York, wasn't a bad decision after all!
I can't even tell you how much I adore Paris, I went there in 2009 (that's when I took these pictures) and ever since then I always wanted to go back! The history of Paris is incredible, not to 
name the architecture of the city and its art scene. Some of the world's most influential philosophers (aah, loving Sartre!) and writers were born in and came to this city to spread their words. As a fashion lover I can't forget the world's most famous designers either - Monsieur Dior, Madame Chanel, Monsieur Gaultier or Yves Saint Laurent and le Maestro of shoes - Christian Louboutin.
Paris, with all its beauty will always remain my second favorite city... what a surprise - New York is the number one for sure!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Hipster's Paradise

Just like SoHo, Williamsburg is one of my favorite New York City neighborhoods due to its art and fashion scene. I always wholeheartedly enjoy watching all the hipsters and artists on the streets there, Williamsburg in Brooklyn is such an inspiring place. Since I am a true street art fan I sometimes get lost in taking pictures of all the graffitis and posters adorning the walls, and the stickers decorating doors and windows. In addition to that you can find unique restaurants on every street corner, and with unique I mean UNIQUE. Every place has its own character - I once went to a restaurant there called Surf Bar... the seats were made of surfboards and there was sand all over the floor, I felt like I was dining on the beach! Dear readers, make sure you'll visit Williamsburg whenever you come to New York City!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Red Lips for Valentine's

To all my fabulous readers from all over the world - Happy Valentine's Day! Yes, red lips were just the perfect match for this post.
If you're single then have a blast celebrating your independence, you're lucky because no one relies on you! If you spend this day with your sweetheart, have a blast too - together! - cuddling and kissing is the best thing to do in this freezing month! If you have a boyfriend who lives across the ocean, thousands of miles away from you, (yep, that's me!) find a shoulder to cry on and hope that you will win the next lottery to move to your loved one! Happy Valentine's Day
PS: Read my Valentine's post for the German mag JOY here

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