Thursday, November 19, 2020

Hike to Cala Matzoc

Dear readers, a few months have passed since I last sat down to write a few lines on my blog. Many things have happened. It's been a strange year. A sad and also an exciting one. It had both its positive and negative moments. Many people have sadly lost their lives due to Covid. I myself have lost a beloved family member this year. But not because of the virus. Even though I had never imagined that one day he wouldn't be with us anymore it was time for him to go. It was a very sad and heart-breaking but also beautiful and peaceful goodbye. On the other hand, my family has gained a new little member who really makes the world shine a bit more. We are very much in love with the first baby in our family and oh, what a cute one! She makes my heart so happy and puts a smile on my face every day. 

What else has happened? As I told you in one of my earlier posts, here in Spain, more precisely Mallorca, we have spent a few months in lockdown. Literally, we were not allowed to leave the house at all. So my boyfriend and I, just like the rest of the island, were stuck in our little apartment for almost three months and were only allowed to leave home for grocery shopping. It was weird and a bit scary to be honest but we also kinda enjoyed it. Fortunately we got along really well which has only shown me once more that he's a great life partner I dearly love. 

It's also been a really strange year for me jobwise with lots of ups and downs and worries. I currently work in a villas rental agency and as you can imagine it was a tough year for us with almost no tourists coming to Mallorca. We experienced an unprecedented, short two-month season. Mallorca received the first tourists in July and by the middle of September they were all gone again. It was a quite agonizing sight, seeing the beaches, hotels and restaurants all empty or closed. I remember a day I walked down the beach with my boyfriend in August and felt like a light panic attack was creeping up. I had never seen the island like this before (in the middle of summer) and suddenly felt such a heaviness in my heart, pain and sadness thinking of all the employees who have lost their jobs this year. Families in Mallorca, and around the world, who have no income this year. It's a difficult year for everyone and those who can allow it themselves should help others by donating food, money, clothes or time. Right now, it's more important and appreciated than ever.

Nevertheless, I also enjoyed the calm season and having the island all for ourselves. Since I worked less this year (due to the lack of work) I was able to spend looots of time with our new little family member, went to our neighbor island Menorca twice this year and went on some beautiful hikes with my friends. 

Hike to Cala Matzoc

And that's what today's post is about. A new hiking route for you. For those who will hopefully come back to Mallorca next year to explore and enjoy the island and spend their vacation here. 
The starting point of this hiking trail is in Cala Torta, a beautiful sandy beach near Artà in the north of Mallorca. My boyfriend and I left our car in Cala Torta and walked over to Cala Mitjana from there, all the way along the coast to Cala Estreta and finally to Cala Matzoc. The hike only took about 40 minutes with a picnic stop in between. We went a bit further in the end, up to the Torre d'Albarca, an ancient watch tower from where you have stunning views of the coast and open sea. I'd love to do this hike again in the middle of summer (with lots of sunscreen and a hat as there is almost no shade on this hike) because the day of our hike it was quite cloudy and windy so the water was a bit wild. But I'm sure that on a calm, sunny day Cala Matzoc is a stunning cove with crystal clear, turquoise water perfect for a refreshing swim. It's also a lovely sand beach so you can have a picnic there and just chill under the surrounding pine trees.

I hope you like this post and that it makes you look forward to your next vacation on Mallorca. I'll be uploading a few more posts these days about some more cool things to do on the island. I was just really lacking a bit of motivation (not material, as I got loads!) to publish new blog posts this year. I hope you forgive me. Thank you for being here. We'll get through this together. 

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