Friday, August 31, 2012

Now or never

I like my life...except when it sucks! Please don't get me wrong- I have a quite fabulous life. I am independent, live in one of the world's greatest cities, and can basically do whatever I want because I don't have a lot of responsibilities at this point. My life is adventurous and exciting, and I get to see new things in and around New York City almost every second day, hands down - it's pretty awesome!
However, even easy-going girls like me have to eventually plan their future... sucks! Thank god (or destiny in which I more believe) that I can also be a very organized, disciplined person who willingly plans the next steps in her life. Right now I get a strange feeling realizing that I am still so far away from my dreams, yet every step I take feels like the last one. I've been self-reflecting a lot lately to find out what I really want for my future since I find myself stuck in a situation filled with doubts and crossroads. Study in New York or my home country Germany? 
When I look at these pictures I just posted - taking a walk at the beach, admiring Louboutins at Saks, visiting the Macy's Flower Show and dining at the superb Russian restaurant called "Mari Vanna" I clearly favor NYC... I definitely have to decide what is best for me and what I want to reach in life.
Now or never!

Macy's Flower Show

Mari Vanna

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Erin & Emily team up for Replay

Some inspiration for today! Love it when two of my favorite models Erin Wasson and Emily Didonato join the two hot male models Jon Kortajarena and Texas Olsson to shoot this amazingly relaxed spring 2011 campaign for Replay in Los Angeles! I've been to this fabulous city twice last year and can't tell how much I would love to go back there! Check out my post about the marvelous Santa Monica Pier (click here)!

All pics via  fashiongonerogue

Monday, August 27, 2012

It's about doing whatever you like, regardless of what is expected

It's something nobody wants to admit but the best season in New York is summertime. Sure, when it's 105 degress in the shade all you wish for is a pool... but there are so many things to do in NYC in summer and fewer people to do them. Since I love seeing new places in the city I sometimes just enjoy being a tourist and discovering parts of the city I haven't seen yet.
This time I explored Roosevelt Island which is the antithesis to Midtown's hustle and bustle. I couldn't believe how quiet it was, so relaxing that I had the feeling I was miles away from the city. The best thing about my trip was the way to get to this special island - I had to take the tramway over the East River which provided me with a stunning view of the city streets, the river and the bridge. Hope you will enjoy the scenery as much as I did!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Now everybody put your Hands in the Air

Today you get to see a pretty colorful mix of some great party shots that were taken during the last couple weeks in the most marvelous city ever - New York! Not only party nights at Greenhouse and Avenue, we also celebrated during the day at the fabulous PH-D Lounge of the Dream Hotel in Chelsea. Plus... we headed back to Tenjune, a club that used to be our favorite months ago - I can tell, it felt great being back and seeing all your friends you used to party with! Enjoy!
By the way - I love it when readers appreciate my work, just like my lovely fellow blogger from La otra columna de Carrie! Here you can see the post she wrote about my blog (Click here), I am honored - Thank you so much! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

How could anyone not love New York?

New York tends to attract people who want to participate in the life of the city, which I think by and large are people who are outgoing and interested, networking and working hard but having fun. Here you're always trying to reach for something – maybe you don't even know what exactly. - Nate Silver

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