Friday, June 26, 2015

Sunny Greetings from Lübeck

My dear readers, I'm sure you're all ready for summer by now... just like me! Can't wait to escape to Mallorca in less than three weeks, the German summer weather is surely not the best. It's been grey and raining for days, which is actually not bothering me too much because I'm studying at home all day. It's surprisingly cold, you see loads of people still wearing winter jackets and scarfs, haha! You can't imagine how much I envy all the people I follow on Instagram that are chilling on Mallorca or traveling to other beautiful destinations, while I'm studying and waiting for my exams. However, only a few weeks to go and I'll be back on my beloved island!
Today you get to see some pics of my trip to Lübeck with my family I told you about in a different post. My mom and younger sister came to visit me and my older sis in Kiel, where we study. So one day we decided to check out Lübeck, a pretty city not far from Kiel, and spent a wonderful day there having lunch, exploring the town, visiting the famous marzipan store of Niederegger Lübeck, and doing some shopping.
So here's a collection of some Lübeck impressions, hope you like it ;-)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

One more Shooting

Hey there, hope you're all having a great week so far! I'm super excited about my upcoming Mallorca vaca... can't wait to get outta here! The last few weeks have been a little crazy, I was and still am studying almost every single day and have literally no time for myself or my beloved blog. So you can imagine how happy I am that this period is over soon. I just gotta write my exams and by the end of July I'm gone. I'm gonna stay with my boyfriend on Mallorca until October, we'll see, maybe we're gonna visit Menorca or Ibiza as well. I would also love to see Madrid, have never been there.
Since I haven't been home in a while I'm also super excited to see my whole family before heading to Mallorca! I need this vaca so bad, haha! This summer is gonna be fabulous!

Today you get to see some shots of my photo shoot with Frank Molter last summer. Frank is not just a talented photographer but also loves to write and travel - just like me!
I had so much fun with Frank and my best friend Yasemin, who helped us out during the outdoor shooting. Thank you, Frank, for the wonderful pics and thank you, Yas, for always being there for me and checking my hair, haha! (Check out Frank's website by clicking here)
So these are my summer plans and some shots from Germany... How are you gonna spend your summer, guys?
Lots of love from Germany and enjoy the pics ;-)


All the photos are protected by copyright, pictures can only be used with prior consent. 
It is strictly forbidden to use the pictures for commercial reasons.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The secret Beach

Hello there, everyone! Let's kick off the weekend with some energy and a new post about a secret spot I wanted to show you!
My boyfriend took me to this amazing hidden beach on Mallorca, it's actually in a military zone so there's no access for tourists. Thanks to my boyfriend's connections to the military we were allowed to spend an entire day at the beautiful beaches of Cap des Pinar. We had the whole military zone (which is HUGE) just for ourselves, visited a lighthouse, the military facilities and calas (coves) which were beyond beautiful. Since there are neither tourists nor boats allowed, it's an untouched little paradise with crystal clear water and just the calm nature. The prohibited area is in the mountains and right by the sea, there are forests, camps and coves. The military zone is very well preserved by the staff, they take care of the beaches and have pretty houses there that they live in.
I'm so glad we got the chance to spend a day there, I have never been to a beach so calm and untouched (except for the Cuban beaches). I actually felt like we were back on Cuba, just the two of us with no one around, just nature and the ocean. Thank you, my love, for taking me to this secret spot!
By the way, this is my last Mallorca post for now. As I've mentioned before, I'm currently studying in Germany. Exams are close, so I unfortunately can't escape to Mallorca. However, I'm heading back to my favorite island in July, until then I'll come up with some other posts, so stay tuned ;-)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cala Cap Falcó - Hello there, Paradise!

Hey there, hope you all had a great weekend with your loved ones! Mine was pretty quiet, my mom was here for three days with my little sister so we did some shopping, went to the beach and visited a pretty town in Northern Germany called Lübeck (photos coming soon). Since I travel to Mallorca whenever I have free time, I unfortunately don't get to see my family very often because they live four hours away from where I'm studying. So I'm always happy to spend a couple days with them, plus it was nice to have some time off!
Other than that I haven't really done anything but studying the last couple days, my PR prof keeps me busy and I still haven't done anything for my projects that need to be finished by the end of June, oops! Is it June yet? Oh no, procrastination has silently taken over my life. To be honest, I feel quite demotivated these days (or weeks). All I want is go back to my favorite island, Mallorca, and be with my boyfriend and friends, close to the ocean, the sun and beach. It's kinda magical, once I'm on Mallorca my motivation is back and I'm much more productive (must be the sunshine).
So what's today's post about?
Yup, you heard it right - paradise! Well, MY kind of paradise. I fell in love with this beautiful quiet spot called Cala Cap Falcó, not far from Palma, Mallorca's capital. I saw a photo of this beach on Instagram and just had to check it out myself. And I was not disappointed, it was not only a hidden spot with very few tourists, they also had a cool beach bar with chill out music and some comfy sofas. On top of all that, there is a rocky island we jumped from and the water was crystal clear - and yes, I went swimming in May, and it was freezing but awesome, haha! I can totally recommend this beach, it's actually pretty small and therefore probably a little crowded in summer, but for the months before and after summer it's simply perfect.
By the way, how do you like my new bikini by H&M and my espadrilles? I bought some beachwear in Germany, it always helps me fight my wanderlust, haha. The bikini is really comfy and is simple but pretty cool, don't you think so? Plus, I love the colors of my espadrilles, summer feeling!
Hope you like the pics and sorry for the delay ;-) xoxo

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