Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This is one of the Places you may have to tell your Grandchildren about - Miami

Hey there, today you get to see some beach shots of my amazing trip to Miami. As I already mentioned before, my camera was stolen there so I unfortunately don't have any photos from my trip to Chicago but I couldn’t imagine not sharing these magnificent sceneries I saw the last days in Miami with you.
It was undoubtedly one of my best vacations ever because I spent it with the people I love and we had the time of our lives! Miami is an absolutely magical place and I was completely taken by it on all aspects so I hope you will enjoy these pictures of South Beach!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Catch me at Greenhouse, I'm a W.I.P!

What a night! Let me tell you this - you never know who you are going to meet when you celebrate your life in a New Yorker club. It's been a couple of weeks already since these shots were taken (my best friends Kim and Yasemin were still with me in the USA) but I didn't have the time to post the pictures until now.
In fact we were planning on going to the bar/club on top of the Standard Hotel called Le Bain. What a coincidence that it was closed on that day! Thus we decided to head to one of my favorite clubs - Catch. First guy I see walking in - no person other than Kim Kardashian's ex husband Kris Humphries! After chatting with him for a while at the Catch restaurant (he is such a nice guy), we met the famous German soccer player Michael Ballack at the club - now how weird is that? I've seen him playing so often and now I meet him at this club in NYC! That was not the best part of the night though, besides dancing next to Beyoncé's sister Solange Knowles, Chris Brown showed up and started partying at the table right next to us with his crew. Did I ever tell you how much I love New York City?
After checking out the clubs Greenhouse (hats off - great décor and music!) and W.I.P., my friends and I called it quits on this epic Monday night. Waking up the next morning I recalled every place we went to and all the people we met. You never know what to expect while out and about in Manhattan!

Loving Catch

Next stop - Greenhouse

Artwork at W.I.P.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer - Sun - Beach - Brooklyn

Hey my lovely readers, I just got back from my amazing and unforgettable vacation yesterday so I'm pretty exhausted but I promise you'll get to see some fantastic photos the next couple days. Unfortunately I was really unlucky - my camera got stolen on the Miami beach, I am extremely sad because all my photos and memories from our Chicago trip are gone which really sucks! So I unfortunately won't be able to post anything about this amazing city but you'll be able to see some awesome shots from Miami! For now I hope you enjoy this post about my trip to Coney Island in Brooklyn!

Wish I could have kept the bird!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Enjoying Life to the fullest

As promised, here are some impressions of my eventful last week including some shots of 1. Macy's Fourth of July fireworks, 2. a hilarious jet ski tour, 3. a visit to the ultra glam Hamptons and 4. my outfit for a night out at the hot clubs LAVO and SL. You see, my life never gets boring!
In addition to all that I booked my flights to Chicago and Miami a couple weeks ago, so please don't wonder why I'm not going to be posting or responding to anything for the next ten days - it's simply because I'm cruising around in Kanye West's hometown and chilling out in Miami! I'll be back in two weeks with loads of new fantastic pictures and more exciting news about my (mostly) fabulous life, so stay tuned!

My sister in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Hamptons style

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brooklyn Movie Nights

Dear lovely readers, I'm truly sorry for being aloof lately, I've been insanely busy the last couple days - between the Fourth of July and spending lots of time with my friends, I'm packing for my upcoming vacation... yay, Chicago and Miami! I promise I will read all your comments and try to answer them all! For now you get to see some shots of a special event - just one part of my very adventurous last week. My friends and I headed to the Brooklyn Bridge Park in my second favorite NYC borough Brooklyn to watch one of the most famous movies outdoor - E.T.! Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Top of the Standard

Fashionable, extraordinaire, trendy - the Standard Hotel in New York City is more than a hot spot, it's an unforgettable experience! After relaxing at the amazing rooftop of the Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles last year, I finally made it to the New Yorker version of classy but stylish overnight accommodation. Kim, Yasemin and I decided to end our day at the high-end bar of the Standard Hotel in Meatpacking, its club/lounge called Le Bain blew our mind featuring an indoor pool and fantastic décor plus an amazingly talented DJ!

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