Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm a Brooklyn Girl

Dear readers, today's post is about another burg - not one of the "fancy German castle" kind but about Williamsburg, my beloved neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City! As you can see here, posing while waiting for the train is a daily thing for me :-D I simply love the wind in my hair when the train approaches the station and everytime I'm bored I'm thinking about how much fun it would be to try out how many times I can hop onto the track until the train finally comes (don't worry, I never tried that one)! Anyway, I know you're all craving for pictures of my recent Berlin trip but you have to wait a little (boosts the excitement, you know). So have fun looking at those marvelous Brooklyn pics!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dashing through the Snow

Being back in Germany - how does it feel like after not setting foot on German soil for two years? Well, being home is nice for a while, seeing my family and best friends again has been (and still is) awesome and believe me, I have a lot more things to talk about now after living in New York City for 24 months! However, there are still a couple things I truly miss about the USA - first of all I don't see any German people running around in sweatpants (unless they're really working out), I can't go shopping at 3am because all the stores are closed by 8pm, there are only 2 instead of 20 fast food restaurants in my area and the huge cars that reign the New Yorker streets were replaced by tiny Volkswagen cars. On top of that, all the party people are staring at us as if we got the Statue of Liberty tattooed on our foreheads when my girls and I sing our hearts out to Drake, Tyga and 2 Chainz. After 20 days in my hometown I finally got to see the sunlight that literally seems to disappear in the ever gray Germany! It's not the end of the world though because... I'm going back to New York City! Yep, heading over there at the end of February for a couple weeks so I'm super excited - winning!
For now, enjoy these pictures of me trying to make friends with the snow that were taken at a beautiful old German castle (older than the United States - built in 1271!) - by the way I live in the region that has one of the highest concentrations of castles and palaces in Germany, lucky me!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The old Me in Berlin

From Boston to Berlin in a day - is that possible? Most likely yes, if those snow storms harassing Germany now would stop! However, the pictures you see here were taken two and a half years ago (Gosh, I'm getting old!) in Germany's fabulous capital Berlin!
Back then I was in the city for a couple photo shootings and the jubilee of the German magazine FHM. Luckily I got to spend a couple sunny days around the Brandenburg Gate, so I took the chance to explore my capital a little better. The reason why I'm telling you all this is the following... I'm going to Berlin in a few days! Not (yet) for living there but to celebrate my friend's birthday, see some universities, and hang out in the by now hopefully Americanized city for a couple days (I miss New York). Berlin, get ready, here we come!

The Holocaust Memorial

The German rapper Bushido

A piece of the Berlin Wall

Style in the city?

Picture 7 by and pic 12 via

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are Bostonians nice People?

It's day two of "I know y'all love New York City posts but sometimes I need some change" thus you get to see another Boston post today ( I promise it's the last one). I honestly loved Boston, not only because the people are more relaxed over there but also friendlier than the allegedly rude New Yorkers. One example: We hopped into a cab in Boston and asked the driver to take us to the Prudential Tower, then decided (after driving for 15 min!) that we'd like to go for lunch somewhere first so we told the cab driver to go into a totally different direction - poor guy. Instead of complaining and getting angry he even recommended a fabulous place to us (most delicious steak ever) and eventually brought us there after driving around for 20 min because we couldn't find the restaurant! Ever since then I cherish Bostonian cabbies!
Dear New Yorker cab drivers, take that! Whenever I'm out in Meatpacking at night freezing like hell because it's the coldest winter ever, you deny taking me to the Bronx (ok, I understand this one) or even to some street in Manhattan, only five blocks away! Why are you even driving around in Meatpacking then? One night my girls and I had to stop EIGHT cab drivers before we found someone who took us home, what an angel! Another night one of my friends was so drunk we couldn't get him out of the cab! He eventually fell out (on the street), and instead of helping us get him up the cab driver got out and laughed his a** off staring at him.
I LOVE NEW YORK (and Boston)

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