Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Back on the Island

Hey there, summer lovers! I'm finally back on my beloved island, Mallorca. I'm gonna spend all summer here with my boyfriend. My sister also came with me and the other day we went to Pollença, a charming town in the north of Mallorca, and took some photos there. Part of my family lives there so I always love coming back to Pollença. It's crazy hot these days on Mallorca so you can't do anything but wear shorts, light dresses and tops and stay at home until afternoon because the sun's way too hot! So the next few weeks you'll get to see more outfit and travel photos of and from Mallorca. Hope you like these ones! xo

Saturday, July 16, 2016

What I study

Hey guys, I know it's been a while since you last heard from me. I simply didn't have the time to think about my blog lately. I'm done with my exams and projects, so I'm a little more relaxed now. Since this was my last semester that I had classes and exams I thought I'd write a post about my studies for you guys. Many of you have asked me what I'm studying and some of you are also graduating this summer so this might be an interesting post for you.
So what am I studying? 'Something with media' is the answer you'll hear most when it comes to my studies. I'm a multimedia production student. Means, I have a lot of different classes that have to do with media. We have production or film making classes, science classes, business classes and other creative ones. To give you some examples, I had public relations and marketing classes, media ethics and law, graphic and web design, 3D animation, film making, journalism and many more. As you can see my classes are very diverse and I love this variety. It never gets boring and my studies are very practical because we don't just write exams but also have to do projects like design websites, produce our own movies or make magazines. So we also gain a lot of practical and social skills like organization and work discipline. During the last couple of years I got the experience to get to know many different parts of the media world. There were classes I didn't like so much like IT and web design, and other classes I really loved like journalism, media ethics or movie production. It's a lot of computer work which can be tiring sometimes but you also get to do a lot of work in teams and outside so that's fine.
I study at the University of Applied Sciences in Kiel in the north of Germany and I can totally recommend it! The professors are (mostly) super nice and helpful, the atmosphere is really relaxed and intimate, the students are creative and laid-back, the buildings are modern and the campus is also nice. I never really became a big fan of the city Kiel though but maybe that's because I'm never really there for longer than a month. Anyway, I would always choose to study multimedia production there again.
Hope this post was helpful and interesting for you and that I could give you an insight into my studies with the help of the text and photos. If you are German and looking for some media studies or if you're from elsewhere and consider studying something that has to do with media in Germany, feel free to ask me more :-)

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