Monday, December 31, 2012

What we dream is all that matters - Happy New Year

My lovely readers, the end of the year has come... an exciting, marvelous year which had its happy and disturbing moments, ups and downs, and brought some fantastic people to my life!
I can't even tell you how many incredible things I experienced over the last 12 months. I've been to Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Boston, and Orlando, I lived in New York City until three weeks ago, I met more celebrities, more important and wonderful people who will always stay in my heart, and finally celebrated the longed for reunion with my beloved family.
In retrospect, it was an unbelievable year (I really can't believe what I have experienced and gone through with my 22 years), a year I will never forget and forever cherish.
You may ask yourself if I have any New Year's resolutions... and of course, as a hopeless perfectionist I do have a few! So here we go:
1. Laugh and love as much as before - surround myself with people who I love and vice versa, plus people who make me laugh and happy (just like the ones you see in these pictures)
2. Learn more and something new (maybe improve my Russian or Spanish?)
3. Definitely work out more (huge candy fan here, boohoo)
4. Travel a lot (seeing so many fantastic cities - and lifestyles - in the USA was simply amazing, so let's keep doing it)
5. Engage in an organisation that really does move something in the world (being an Amnesty International member for three years is a good start)
6. Stop being such a self-critical perfectionist (it's just way too exhausting trying to be perfect and doing everything right all the time) but instead enjoy life as it comes
7. Make the most of my life as I always did without giving up even during the hardest times!
Can't promise I'm gonna keep these resolutions in mind all year long, but I hope I can realize some of them!

For now, get ready ladies (and dudes), put your heels on, fetch a bottle of champagne and have a blast - Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree

Wow, 10 days passed since my last post - a new record! I'm sorry for not blogging much lately but I'm sure you can imagine how engaged I was in spending some cozy hours with my family (all reunited after two years) around the Christmas tree, enjoying some delicious dinners and opening wonderful presents. I hope you all spend some wonderful Christmas days with your family as well!
Anyway, since I got my new camera I can't stop taking pictures so I'm going to post a lot more as soon as I find some time to sit down and relax, I promise!
So what has happened in my life lately? Well, after cleaning up and throwing out most of the stuff I collected over the last 22 years (and donating 5 huge bags of clothes), I met up with a lot of friends (remember my best friends Eva and Yasemin who I shared my New Yorker life with?), celebrated Christmas with my crazy family and went to one of my favorite clubs in Germany (and let me tell you this, German clubs are HUGE)... so this is pretty much what I have done lately.
As I mentioned, I will try posting more the next couple days and will also reply to all your comments as I always do! So that's it for today and... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mom's way to support my writing ambitions

Thursday, December 20, 2012

There's a World outside your Window

So what is it like... being back in Germany after two (way too short) years in New York City? I have to admit it took a while to adjust and I guess I still haven't realized that I'm not going back to my American home for a while. I've been insanely busy cleaning up since I got here, you would not believe how much stuff one accumulates over 22 years! Thus I spent the entire last week on throwing stuff out, donating clothes (5 huge bags - thinking about Sandy's victims), meeting up with family members and friends, and working on my blog. I have to say I'm really not bored in Germany (unbelievable but true)! I'm still expecting a major breakdown though - the moment will come when it hits me that I'm not going to live in New York for the next couple years, when I realize that this is a new chapter in my life (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Anyway, I'm quite positive about the times to come, I think Germany also has its charme and I'm gonna make the most of my life here as I did in my second home New York City.
However, today you get to see the first pictures of my home country Germany, with a new hair color (hey, it's a new start, right?)... some pictures of a real German "Weihnachtsmarkt" (holiday market) with all its glamour and glitter and wonderful colors, so enjoy!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Runway Dream come true - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

At a time not too long ago and in a place that's not very far away - in fact, the place is Manhattan - I attended the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show... a dream come true, actually so true that I could barely catch my breath when the show was over! I simply love reminiscing about that very special night, the unforgettable moment I saw Miranda, Adriana, Candice, Alessandra, Lily, Lindsay and many more stunning models hovering above the runway, presenting the most beautiful, sparkling lingerie I've ever seen. My sexiest night ever included the most beautiful girls strutting in the heaviest wings, Adam Levine smooching with his then-girlfriend Anne V, Nicki Minaj singing her heart out to Super Bass, tons of  glittery balloons falling from the ceiling, and the fabulous Kanye West and Jay Z blowing my mind! 
Get the inside scoop on all the wonderful things I experienced that night!

Meeting the lovely Doutzen

Erin Heatherton on her way

The show's over

Doutzen Kroes

Aww, Miranda!

The dazzling Karlie Kloss

Saturday, December 15, 2012

New York Wonderfulness

New York... a city couldn't be more diverse - during the last two years I have met all kinds of people. I met the richest (hello Upper East Siders) and the poorest citizens (one word: projects) of New York, I have seen more anorexic girls (models anywhere you look), more drug addicts (crazy this clubbing scene), more fashionistas (can you believe that some people consider goggles as fashionable?), more homeless people (sad but true) and more millionaires (yes, the gap between rich and poor IS huge) than in my whole life! I met "real" gangsters, and I am not talking about wannabe bad boys, I am referring to the real ones living in the Bronx or Brooklyn who sell (and obviously take) drugs and carry guns with them - you know, the real gangsters who don't shy away from beating up their girlfriends or mothers. On the other hand I met the most beautiful women in the world (Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - what a dream, I still can't believe my luck!) and world renowned celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal, Ed Westwick, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, and Miranda Kerr (with her hubby Orlando Bloom). I met Asians, Puerto Ricans, Australians, Indians, Dominicans, Americans, Germans, Austrians - people from all over the world, all coming together in one big city to fulfill their dreams.
So when I strolled up 6th Avenue a couple weeks ago, marveling at all the fantastic Christmas decorations around Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center, I thought about the wonderfulness of New York City, about its diversity and charme and I suddenly realized, oh, it's never going to be this good again. But for right now I'm just happy. And I have to remember this feeling.

The famous Rockefeller Tree

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