Thursday, November 17, 2016

Look Mallorca

Hey my dear followers, hope you're all having a great week so far. Mine's been pretty busy. I just got back to Germany a few days ago to organize some stuff. My sister and I will move out of our apartment once we're done with our studies and there's a whole lotta stuff to do before. I have to finish a project, write my thesis, sell furniture, get some things and clothes to Mallorca and much more. Our dad and also my boyfriend will come visit my sister and me in our apartment to help us get some stuff done. In addition to that we'll go to London for a few days with our friend Paula soon so we're really excited. I miss the Christmas season in New York City so much, especially on Mallorca where there's no snow and the Christmas decoration over there is also not the most beautiful one I have to admit. So I'm really looking forward to some cold winter days in London with hot chocolate, Christmas decoration and big city life. Well, now you know what's going on in my life right now, haha.

Today's post is about Look Mallorca, a marvelous lifestyle magazine about Mallorca which I also happen to be part of now. We write about the island, fashion, travel, health, food, art and also more specific topics like sustainability. I can't tell you how proud I am to be working as an editor for them and be part of such a wonderful group of powerful women who create this magazine. I love working for Look Mallorca, I always wanted to be a writer so it really is a dream come true. For this edition I wrote a calendar with events on the island, a city guide about Berlin, Barcelona and Milan and also an article about a town on Mallorca called Sineu. I also happen to be on the cover of the fall edition. Pernilla, the wonderful Swedish photographer who I told you about in one of my last posts, and Chabi, the male model, did a great job, we had a wonderful time shooting the cover and fashion editorial for this issue. Almost the whole Look Mallorca team attended the shooting and I loved getting to know everyone and talking about fashion, the magazine and some personal stories.
At this point I would love to say thank you to Noemi, the founder and creative director of our magazine, for being such a lovely, open-minded and inspiring person. Thank you to Pernilla for being so sweet and easy-going and taking these amazing photos. Thank you to Coco, our fashion editor, for dressing me like a queen. Thank you to Mar, our graphic designer, who also became a great friend of mine. Thank you to Laura, our make up artist, for glamming me up. And thank you to Mimmi, our editor and online manager, for giving me the chance to work with you all and always helping me out. I'm beyond proud of this magazine and the work we put in it. I'm really looking forward to the next issue!

You can find Look Mallorca in loads of different shops, cafés, bars and restaurants or hotels in Palma and all over the island now. To see our fashion editorial click here or follow Look Mallorca on Instagram or Facebook.

All the photos are protected by copyright, pictures can only be used with prior consent. 
It is strictly forbidden to use the pictures for commercial reasons.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Getting inspired in Artà

Hello there, did you all have a great weekend? Mine was pretty quiet, I mostly stayed at home working on my blog and doing stuff in the house since it's a little cloudy and windy on Mallorca these days.
Today I have a new post for you about our trip to the charming village Artà. My boyfriend and I have passed the little town a few times but never went for a walk through the center so last week we spontaneously decided to go check it out. And we were not disappointed, Artà is a cute little town with lots of cafés and some nice shops. First we walked up a mountain to see the Santuari de Sant Salvador from where we had stunning views of the city. After that we went down to the center and discovered a magical store which quickly became my new favorite shop on the whole island. The store which is also an art gallery is called Art Ambient. Once you enter you feel like you just traveled to some creative world of colors, magical lights and art pieces. I absolutely loved that store! All the paintings, sculptures, fashion pieces and details, I couldn't decide where to look first. My favorite part of the shop was the patio, it looked just like some café or garden in Morocco with all the plants, painted walls and mosaics. Unfortunately you can't enter the patio but the shop assistant was so nice to let me take some photos for my blog. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did taking them. So next time you come to Mallorca, why not stop by Artà for a coffee and some inspiration?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Model Crush - Rocky Barnes

What's up, people, are you all having a great week so far? I hope this post will make your Wednesday a little more exciting. Get to know the beautiful and stylish Rocky Barnes, one of my favorite beach girls!
California girl Rachel Barnes Horowitz is a model, blogger, Instagram queen and to me an unquestionable style icon. I absolutely love all the boho outfits, mermaid pics and travel photos on her blog, I tend to spend hours on it looking through all her inspirational posts. I especially love the pics of her trip to Cuba because they remind me so much of my Cuba vaca last year. In my opinion Rocky is the ultimate gypsy queen, she just knows how to make any boho outfit look elegant and sophisticated. Plus, she's smoking hot and a beach girl just like me, so how could I not adore this super woman?

All images via Rocky Barnes Blog

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