Thursday, January 30, 2014

Craziness in its Perfection Part I

Dear readers, today's post is all about fashion! As you know, my blog covers lots of different topics - traveling, photography, art, New York City and FASHION!
So here we go, this is the first of my two-part photo series about one of my very favorite stores on that fabulous island called Manhattan, are ya ready?
Patricia Field is surely one of the greatest stylists and most inspiring women I've ever met! I had the chance to hear her amazingly entertaining and wise stories about fashion, business and life at the Hilton hotel in Manhattan about two years ago (check out the post by clicking here)! Thus I can tell by experience that she is an incredibly warm-hearted, open-minded and most of all very unique personality, one's gotta love her!
Since I moved back to Germany I always missed checking out her latest collections in her shop on Bowery which perfectly embodies the New Yorker lady's glamour. Anytime you enter her store you feel like somebody kicked you out of town and into fashion heaven! Looking for ultra glam wigs, sparkling statement necklaces or visionary, bold outfits?
A mix of circus, Sex and the City runway, photographer's paradise and art gallery - craziness in its perfection... Welcome to Pat Field's treasury!

Note: All photos taken by me with the staff's consent.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Out of the Night you burn, Manhattan

Hey guys, today you get to see some night-shots of the concrete jungle!
I took these photos all around Manhattan - some in Soho, others in Tribeca, most of them in Midtown. Some from a rooftop, in the park, on the street or even in the bus.
Nothing left to stay - sleep well, Manhattan ;-)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A New Yorker Moment Part III

THIS, my lovely readers, is one of my favorite New Yorker shots ever! 
I took the photo you see above in March 2013 on the Roosevelt Island Tram hovering above the city. I was so overwhelmed with the peace in this photo when I took it. How calm and concentrated the little kid's staring out of the window - admiring the huge world in front of his eyes. When he caught me taking a photo of him he was confused at first but then smiling at me... Gosh, you should have seen this adorable smile!
I adore taking photos of people in and around Manhattan, you get to see the craziest things in New York. People running around with bats is a good example. This is part three of my "New Yorker Moment"-series, hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

El Día de los Muertos

My lovely readers, no matter how busy I am lately, I promised to show you some more exciting spots in and around New York City again. I still got loads of photos left that I shot while I lived in the Big Apple. I kept my promise, today you get to see another post about things to do in the most fabulous city on Earth!
If you are one of my long-time readers you might have noticed that I'm a big Brooklyn fan, more specifically - I lost my heart in Williamsburg!
I absolutely adore all the tiny unique shops on the North Side. If you click the "Williamsburg" tag under this post you can admire a few of the many fabulous places that I have been to in Brooklyn's most exciting neighborhood. Dining on Surfboards, in jungle-like restaurants, shopping at night bazaars around 1 am, or feeling the vibes of a hipster meet & greet on the famous Sunday flea - everything is possible in Williamsburg! 
It's hard to choose from all these fabulous restaurants and shops because every single one has such a distinct style. So today you get to see one of my very favorite stores, a place where I have spent A LOT of time admiring all the tiny treasures it's hiding - FUEGO 718.
Anytime you come to the store on Grand Street you are privileged to enjoy an amazing collection of tin mirrors, extraordinary El Día de los Muertos figurines, exquisite hand made jewelry, lovely books and breathtaking paintings - a paradise of colorful handmade wares! You can surely imagine that my art-loving heart beats much faster when spending time there ;-)

If you ever get the chance to visit Williamsburg, make sure to swing by!

Note: All photos taken by me (as always) with the shop owner's consent.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Highline Shots

Dear New York, I know you must be suffering right now. You've been through a whole lotta snow and ice lately. Too bad, I'm not there to go ice skating in Central Park. However, I'm pretty lucky this year cause in Germany it's incredible 10 degrees Celsius now, woohoo!  I'm sorry...
The photos you get to see today were taken in, or better said "on", one of my favorite New Yorker parks - the Highline - in February last year. I was blessed enough with such incredible weather when I went back to my beloved Big Apple a year ago.
I just noticed that I still have so many shots of Manhattan and its surroundings from my last vacation that I decided to post some New York City pics from now on.
Thus I thought a sunny post might be a fab idea considering that it's below God knows how much degrees in NYC right now. You can also see photos of my favorite New Yorker graffiti which can be perfectly admired from the Highline - the V-J Day Graffiti in Meatpacking!  
Soak up some sun and enjoy the pics ;-)

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