Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wedding Time

Hey guys, don't worry, you didn't miss out on anything. I'm neither engaged nor am I planning to settle down ;-) I was simply looking through my blog preparation folders and noticed that I still haven't posted the few pics I took at a friend's wedding in June. It was a beautiful celebration on a boat, filled with so much love and happiness, and so many joyful people!
So how do you imagine your dream wedding? I'm pretty sure mine (if I ever plan to have one) is not gonna take place in Germany, there are just so many more fabulous places in this world where one could get married! What do you prefer - a beach wedding (in the Hamptons or on Hawaii), a ceremony on the countryside (maybe a cute vineyard), one on a romantic plank bridge in the jungle (for the adventurers) or even on a New Yorker rooftop (urban style)? Feel free to let me know what your favorites are!
So here we go, set the sails!


Monday, October 28, 2013

It's all about the Inspiration

Days like this rainy one are absolutely perfect for staying home and doing nothing but cuddling on the couch in PJs, either with a boyfriend... or your laptop. I just got home, out of an enormous storm. I got pretty much surprised on my way to the airport, wanted to bring my Spanish visitor to Hamburg, an incredibly turbulent attempt. However, I made it home safely and finally found some time to relax and blog again.
Today you get to see some pics of my personal "inspiration collection", my art book. I have collected a few items here and there over a quite long period of time and eventually put them together in an album. I love creating all kinds of things, such as moodboards, scrapbooks or paintings. So I collected all these stickers, inspiring fashion magazines and postcards to make a whole new thing of it, including a few pages especially dedicated to my hometown New York City. There are many more pages in this book but I just picked the most outstanding ones to show you what kind of stuff I'm working on when I want to relax, try it!
Have a look, maybe you will get inspired!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More from the Harbor City

Hey guys, university has surely changed my life a lot (noticed that I only write about school lately?), considering that I don't even have time to work on this blog anymore, sad but true. I barely find time to throw out a weekly post, not to mention the amount of comments I didn't get to answer the last few weeks. I will hopefully have a few more breaks soon so I can keep posting and stay in touch with you!
For now, enjoy the second post about my trip to Hamburg!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Now this is Hamburg

Ok guys, flashback: months, well, weeks ago, I had an incredibly awesome summer filled with lots of adventures, memorable moments, excitement and passion! Before that I kind of had to get over that stupid phase called separating from New York. My life has been quite crazy since I graduated from school, including lots of ups and downs, more travelling and even more growing up! I pretty much had the best time of my life the last few years I'd say, especially when it comes to New York!
Now here I am, a few years later, back in my home country Germany, eventually starting a new, maybe less adventurous but never boring life! I started university just a month ago and love it so far (let's leave out the daily read of 50 pages) ;-)
The other day my girls and I went back to Hamburg, a city I have grown to love. After exploring loads of magnificent cities in the USA, it has unfortunately become a little harder to impress me. But thank you, Hamburg, you did a great job! And even though you didn't show your sunny side the last time I visited, you gave me plenty of great photography options (how cool is that J.R.Tolkien ship?). Hamburg is a city of such beauty and coolness at once, one's gotta love it!
Enjoy my two posts about Germany's second biggest metropolis!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Excuse me, may I borrow your Phone?

Excuse me, may I borrow your phone? After many phoneless months my sister will never hear these words coming out of my mouth again, because... I have eventually joined the smartphone generation and bought an iPhone last week to stay in contact with my peeps, woohoo! That's kind of a big deal for me!
Can you believe I have survived without any kind of phone since I left New York City? I just didn't see the necessity of buying one. I've always had internet to keep in touch with friends and to blog, in addition to that I have been back to New York at the beginning of this year just to escape to Spain after that so I didn't really need a German phone anyway.
Some might call me old-fashioned but believe me, I really didn't need it until now that I started studying. How do you guys feel about that? Can you give up your beloved phone for a day or even live without it for a longer period of time? Or does your heart beat faster when you hear that special sound your favorite item makes when a message or Instagram news pop up?
I'm also truly sorry for letting you wait here on my blog, I finally got internet in my new apartment - feels so good being connected to the civilized world out there again ;-) So after a long week packed with media and IT classes I eventually found some time to blog again.
Today you get to see some snapshots of my new Instagram account (not that I owned one before). Yes, I had to do it, don't judge me, we all love Instagram, especially the photographers among us.
So here you go, it's laurahlp (I hope you all know what the HLP stands for)! Check out my colorful Insta pics by clicking this link (just a hint, I take ALL the pictures I post on my instagram account myself, just like here on my blog, unless otherwise stated).
Enjoy the shots!

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