Monday, August 24, 2015

Alcúdia Old Town

Hey guys,  how are you all doing? I'm super excited because Yasemin, my best friend I met in New York City almost five years ago will come to Mallorca tomorrow and stay with us for a week, now how awesome is that? Since she studies in the Netherlands we barely get to see each other so I'm super happy that she's gonna come visit us on our beloved island.
Today's post is about Alcúdia's old town, a very lovely and authentic place, perfect for a relaxing coffee, shopping and sightseeing. Next to the more modern harbor Port d'Alcúdia, where I live with my boyfriend and where most of the tourists spend their time at the beach, there's the old village of Alcúdia - cozy, quiet, traditional. My boyfriend and I took a stroll the other day and had some yummy ice cream at Yuki's Snow Cream, went to Capritx, a shop that sells beautiful dresses and accessoires, and walked down the ancient wall that surrounds Alcúdia and attracts many tourists. Check out the pics of the afternoon we spent in my boyfriend's hometown, xo

Monday, August 17, 2015

Urban Look

Hello there, something strange is happening - it's been raining on Mallorca for three days now! We're not used to used to typical German weather here on the island. It's grey, cloudy, raining, and the beaches are empty... an unusual sight here on Mallorca. So I'm pretty much sitting at home, working on my blog most of the time and going out with my boyfriend to at least get some fresh air every day. Yesterday we went to the beach for an hour until it started raining again. I feel bad for the tourists who only stay a few days on the island, however, I don't really care about the rain since I have more than a month left on the island.
So today you get to see some street art pics and a casual outfit. The grey tank top, leather shorts and Converse make a perfect look for some urban pics. There are a few awesome graffitis in Alcúdia, colorful and creative, just how I like it! 
Hope you like the photos and let's hope this rain's gonna go away!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Off to Cala Ratjada

Hey there, what's up? Whether you're working or on vaca right now, I hope you're all having a great summer! I'm still chilling on Mallorca for a while, the weather is awesome and I'm enjoying the summer time with my boyfriend to the fullest.
Today you get to see some pics of our trip to Cala Ratjada. Many of you (especially my German readers) might know it only as a party place. Well, there actually are some cool clubs over there but my boyfriend and I got to see Cala Ratjada from a different side.
We simply took a walk by the harbor, relaxed, took some photos and tried some super yummy dessert at Solo, a fancy café that surely serves great food! I had four different kinds of delicious sorbet (mango, raspberry, piña colada and some other fruit I forgot, haha) and my boyfriend tried a piece of almond cake, heavenly! After that we met up with Isabelle of Mallorcatante, a German girl and fellow blogger that lives here on Mallorca as well, and her boyfriend. We had a great time at O Sole Mio, a very recommendable Italian place in the center of Cala Ratjada's harbor. Check out Isabelle's blog by clicking here.
Hope you like the pics, xoxo

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Purobeach Palma

Hey everyone, today I'm gonna take you to a beautiful beach club on Mallorca, welcome to Purobeach Palma!
My uncle took me to this fab place for lunch last week and even though it was pretty windy, we had a great time. The beach club's clean style and location on the water make it unique. I tried the yummy Ensalada Queso Cabra - a tasty salad with goat cheese, peach, and caramelized walnuts - and the Patatas Mexicanas. I can totally recommend the green curry too, my uncle tried it and it was delicious!
Located on a peninsula close to Palma and the airport, Purobeach is a beach club/bar/restaurant with a great view that attracts many hip and classy visitors who are looking for a relaxed but chic atmosphere.
Whether you'd like to take a dip in the pool, relax on the sunbeds, have a great time with your friends at one of the Puro parties, or simply have lunch with your love - Purobeach offers many different activities, plus there is also a Purobeach shop with stylish and elegant clothes and jewelry.
The white sofas, the pool and deep blue sea make you want to get lost in a world of peace, luxury, summer drinks, lounge music and marvelous sunsets. So if you happen to be in Palma this summer, why not swing by?

If you like stop by their website ( or find them on Facebook (purobeachpalma) and Instagram (purobeachpalma).

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