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How to spend a Weekend on Menorca

Hello guys, how was your summer? Mine was pretty busy and fun, that's why you haven't heard of me in two months... time flies. Since this blog is just a hobby of mine I sometimes take a break from it, especially when life gets busy. During the summer season I simply don't have time (or any motivation) to stay inside, sit in front of the computer, edit photos and write a new blog post. Since I live on Mallorca I spend my summers working hard, enjoying the beaches and time with my boyfriend, family and friends who come visit me, going out and just living summer to the fullest. 

Anyway, today I finally have a new post for you about a short trip my boyfriend and I took to Menorca, Mallorca's stunning neighbor island. 

How to spend a weekend on Menorca

I adore Menorca, the peace and tranquility of the island, its breathtaking beaches and landscapes, its cozy towns and lovely people. To me Menorca is like a smaller, more intimate and untouched, better maintained, cleaner and less busy version of its bigger sister island Mallorca. Luckily, we have a good friend there who lets us stay at his cute apartment in the tiny town of Es Mercadal. So we can visit him and the island whenever we like. I always love a weekend escape to Menorca to disconnect and let go of stress. This time we explored a few stunning new places we had never been to before that I would like to show you here.

Beaches of Son Saura

On our first day our friends took us to the secluded beaches of Son Saura which are located in a large nature preserve that is also a great starting point for hikes. Once we had parked our car we walked about 10 minutes to the first beach but decided to head to the second, larger one as the water there looked even more beautiful than at the first one. Seriously, the water was just divine! Crystal clear, turquoise and refreshing. We found a nice spot in the shade away from the crowds where we spent all day swimming, snorkelling and relaxing. I love how well preserved Menorca's beaches are. You can't reach them by car but always have to park far away and walk a bit so the cars don't destroy the surrounding nature. And even though the beaches are secluded, there are garbage bins and toilets for more cleanliness. Menorca takes good care of its beautiful nature!

Later at night we went for dinner in Mahón, Menorca's capital. We had yummy Asian food at the beautiful Restaurante Way which I can totally recommend! Scroll down to see what we did on our second day.

Binisafuller and Binidali

My boyfriend and I spent our second and last day on Menorca exploring the south east of the island. Our first stop was the stunning Es Calo Blanc, a simply breathtaking little cove with turquoise water and lots of rocks to jump from. As it is a non-touristy cove there are no stairs, sunbeds or other amenities which I love because it's all natural and virgin. There's a parking just one minute away from the cove and it's really easy to find. Even though the water looked so tempting we didn't jump in but decided to explore the surrounding area a bit. We walked along the beautiful coastline and stopped here and there to take photos of the cute houses and gardens until we reached Cala Binisafuller, another postcard place. That cove is home to a small natural harbour. There are a tiny beach, some small boats and beautiful whitewashed houses as far as the eye can see. How could I not fall in love with this pretty place?

After exploring Binisafuller for a bit we headed to the nearby town of Binidali which was even tinier and less crowded. I wouldn't even call it a town, rather a resort. If you ever visit Binidali make sure to stop by the lovely Som Sis bar that offers yummy snacks and drinks with splendid views over the coast. We stayed here for almost an hour enjoying our drinks, the chill out music, views and a light sea breeze. The bar is located right above Cala Binidali, another stunning cove with crystal clear water that is surrounded by high cliffs from where you have amazing views. Stop for a bath here if you're in Binidali!

I hope you liked this post and that it gives you a reason to visit Menorca some day. It truly is a stunning island perfect for romantics and adventurers!

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