Monday, September 29, 2014

Shouldn't Life be our favorite Adventure?

Hello there, how is everyone? I'm sorry I had to let you wait so long, traveling is keeping me from posting. I can't believe summer is over already! I just got back to Germany this weekend and have to stay for a while this time. Today was my first day at university again and I already checked my schedule to see when I get the chance to escape again, haha. Studying in Germany is great and I do like my classes but I just feel like I grew up in the wrong country. Even though my family lives here, I have a lot of friends in NYC and on Mallorca, plus my boyfriend lives on the island and I miss him so badly, so it's pretty hard to always have to go back to Germany. My motto surely is "Shouldn't LIFE be our favorite adventure?" And I just feel like I can't live this motto in Germany. I'm thinking about writing a post about my travel thoughts so stay curious ;-)
Today you get to see some shots of the last week I spent on Mallorca after returning from New York. My boyfriend took me out to the mountains since we were unlucky with the weather this time. We couldn't go to the beach cause it rained almost every day. We had two sunny days though, so we took the chance and went to explore the Serra de Tramuntana, a beautiful mountain range on Mallorca. We had such a fabulous time taking fun photos and letting out all our energy! I always enjoy being so close to nature when I'm on Mallorca, especially then, after NYC, I needed some quality time with Mother Earth, haha.  Hope you like the photos, have a great week <3

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer Insta Update

Hey guys! I just had a quick stop in Germany, last Sunday I got back from NYC and I'm already relaxing on Mallorca again. Since I didn't have much time to prepare some new posts, I'm gonna give you a quick update with the help of my latest Instagram snapshots of Mallorca and New York City - as colorful as always! Feel free to check out my Insta account and follow me there to stay tuned - @laurahlp! Have a relaxing week, besos!  

Off to New York City <3

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