Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Countdown has started

Hey my dear readers, sorry for being so aloof lately, I'm a little overwhelmed with everything going on in my life lately. I'm super excited to move to Spain at the end of March but there's still so much to do, aaahh! I'm getting my apartment ready to move out while working on my bachelor thesis and planning my new life on Mallorca, so I can't really sleep at night. There are still so many things to organize, sorry if I repeat myself, but it's really a lot of pressure because I 'm not that kind of person who likes leaving things half done.
Once again I'm leaving my home country Germany. Back then, in 2010, I moved to New York City, now I'm going to Spain to live with my boyfriend. It's a pretty big step but nothing really new to me since I've already taken this step years ago. Also, Mallorca feels like home for me because I have my partner there and part of my family and made lots of new friends on the island. You can see two of them here, my lovely girls Laura and Laura. Yes, we're a Laura three-pack, haha. My friend Laura, the one with the cute hat, took these photos of me, she takes wonderful pics so you might wanna check out Laura's Instagram. We took these sunset photos at the beach of AlcĂșdia, that's where I'm gonna live, pretty huh? So the countdown has started, 5 more weeks to go and then it's gonna be 'goodbye Germany'!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hiking at Cala Mesquida

Hello there and happy Valentine's Day! Hope you're all spending this special day with your love... unlike me because my boyfriend lives in a different country. I'm back in Germany after staying a week on Mallorca and a few days at my parents' home and it really sucks, haha. I have to get everything ready to move to Spain in about six weeks plus I have to go to Hamburg almost every single day this week because of a job and there's also a friend from New York City coming this weekend so I'm really excited but busy. Can't really concentrate on my bachelor thesis but that's how life goes. I guess I'll write it from Mallorca then.
Anyway, today you get to see some pics of a hike on a beautiful day that turned into a pretty stormy one. My boyfriend and I went to the beautiful Cala Mesquida one summer day and always wanted to come back in winter when there are no tourists. So last Sunday we went for a hike from the beach of Cala Mesquida to Cala Torta, another marvelous beach. We loved the trail along the coast and were lucky to enjoy some sunlight before a storm came up and almost blew us away, haha. The rest of the two hour hike was pretty chaotic and cold but still exciting. We saw a little ship wreck and also a group of cute sheep in the mountains. The best thing was that we had the whole place just for ourselves. I guess the people didn't leave their houses that day because they knew about the upcoming storm, lucky them. I really loved being alone with Miguel and just exploring the area and talking and laughing together. I can totally recommend this excursion in winter, it's a beautiful trail and you feel like you got the whole island for yourself. Hope you like the pics, xo

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