Friday, December 20, 2013

The wicked Side of Hamburg

From lovely to naughty... I think that pretty much sums it up! Hamburg is a fabulous city, no doubts, a very diverse city of many different shades.
I finally had the feeling to have found a New York substitute... well, at least when it comes to trash, graffiti and sticker mania. Welcome to the Kiez, fellas!
Hamburg does not only have wonderfully lovely neighborhoods with adorned houses, ancient bridges and romantic water roads which you could see in my last Hamburg posts.
Nope, this city seems to be so much more than that... I eventually discovered the Brooklyn/Bronx equivalent of Germany's second biggest city!
Surrounded by colorful graffitis, trashy shops and crazy stickers I felt a little more home. You all know how much I adore crazy art, I'm totally into all kinds of street art so these sprayed art pieces and glowing bridges all made my heart beat a little faster. Enjoy my shots of some lovely corners in Hamburg and the notorious Kiez aka St. Pauli and its surroundings!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

What, did someone say December?

Don't tell me it's too late to post fall photos...
I kinda skipped the Christmas season's start. How can it possibly be, it's already December? Did I miss something? Well, one could bring forward the argument that I spent half of November in Spain (dreamy sunny weather), but how did this year pass so quickly?
I'm sure that's how it works when your life has a, what they call, "routine"!
Since I graduated from school, I have pretty much spent my days traveling, working, traveling, going to museums and clubs, and more traveling. This year was not different. I spent half the winter and spring in New York City, until I had to go back to Germany in April only to spend the entire summer in Spain. Not a big surprise that time flies!
Since I started studying I feel like the days go by in a flash anyway. However, I refuse to admit it's winter yet so I'm posting some photos of a lovely typical German fall forest. My sister and I just had to take advantage of the last few sunrays. And once again, I went dark for winter. I kinda like switching my haircolor with the seasons.
Enjoy the pics ;-)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Nasty put some clothes on, I told ya, Don't walk out your house without your clothes on, I told ya...
Halloween is over, and what you see here is not the outcome of a trashy costume party... no, this is the result of sheer boredom. Whenever I got nothing to do - no texts to read for university, no adventures to start in foreign countries - I randomly put my girlfriends into naughty outfits and let them have a bathtub photo shoot with me. You know how much I love to spice it up a little on my blog ;-)
And you know what's best about all this? I have such wonderful best friends by my side who actually help me implementing those crazy ideas that pop up in my mind at times. I guess once in a while we all have to break out of the routine a little and make fun of ourselves.
Can you tell it's a crazy, stupid love? ;-)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's a Snapback Thing

Hello there, hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas season! 
Today's post is "oh, surprise" an outfit post (which is pretty rare on my blog). It's all about the snapback this time... an accessory that makes me feel quite ambivalent. You wanna know why?
First of all, I still have that stereotypical "snapback-wearer" in mind... a guy from the Bronx (like me!), most likely a hip hop kid, wearing low cut jeans, bold jewelry and Jordan's (or whatever the hottest sneaker is) - an ultra cool guy rappin' his way through the New Yorker streets thinking he is the s**t. Incredible badass guys such as Lil Wayne or Jay Z - that's what I think of when I hear the word "snapback".
As you all know I have spent a long time in New York City and also my entire summer 2013 on Mallorca. After traveling back and forth between Germany, the States and Spain this year I have come to the conclusion: SNAPBACKS ARE EVERYWHERE! 
Any skinny New Yorker model is most often missing a bra, but never a snapback. When I went to a Tyga concert at the beginning of this year, every single male person in the club was wearing that kind of cap, however, they were mostly 17 years old and had no idea what exactly Tyga was singing there. On Mallorca my jaw dropped when I saw 11 year-old kids passing by on the "very touristy" boardwalk, all rocking a snapback. No matter whether it said "I love my haters" (that's surely a great one for a 9 year-old), "Dope", "YMCMB" or simply "Miami Heat". See, I had no idea what Miami Heat was before I came to NYC, I never watched basketball when I grew up in Germany, neither did I know what YMCMB stands for - how would a cute kid know the exact meaning of what's on top of his head?
I'm kinda done with this cap, in my opinion there are very few people who look authentic and cool when wearing snapbacks. Some of them I met in NYC, some of them have a true hip hop soul such as one of my favorite bloggers, Vanessa of I'm not even sure if that includes me :-D
I was so proud when I bought my very own first black and pink Yankee hat at the Times Square Foot Locker store in New York last year. I felt cool, you know gangsta-like cool. But after I've seen all these peeps with snapbacks, I'm not really that much into it anymore.
However, enjoy these pics of me rocking my "whatever-you-wanna-call-it-style"! Have a great weekend, xoxo

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sitting by the Sea

Hey guys, I'm pretty sure most of you expect to see some colorful fall or Christmas pictures on my blog by now. Well, I'm not a big winter fan, so I'll keep showing you some photos of my recent Mallorca vacation!
Most bloggers are posting calendar ideas or shots of creative winter decorations lately (which is surely awesome) while I'm still dreaming of the amazingly relaxing days I spent on my favorite Balearic island.
I promise you'll get to see more "season-appropriate" pictures soon ;-) Until then, indulge in these stunning sceneries. Every time I come to Mallorca I discover such beautiful and peaceful new places - perfect spots to watch sunsets, enjoy exceptional views and reminisce about your life's greatest moments!

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