Thursday, November 29, 2018

Menorca's stunning Beaches

Oh summer! How much I miss the scent of sun protection cream, the salt in my hair making it so fuzzy, afternoons at the beach, the endless meaningful talks and sunset picnics with my friends… If only it could be summer all year long. Actually, for us people living here on the beautiful island of Mallorca it seems to be a bit like that. With over 300 sunny days, we get to see the sun all year long, what a luxury. Sun simply sets me in a great mood. It makes me want to be super active and spend the days out instead of the office. No that winter has arrived it feels more like autumn or spring here on the island. It just never gets as cold as in Germany or other countries.

Menorca Trip

Looking at these photos of our weekend escape to Menorca at the end of September, it feels like it hasn't been too long that we were chilling at the beach and exploring our neighbour island. My boyfriend and I try to visit Menorca at least once a year. I actually went twice in 2018. One time in May with my girls and now in September with my boyfriend. We had such a great time again. On our first day we visited the Monte Toro near Es Mercadal. It's Menorca's highest point so have stunning views of the sea and surrounding landscape from there. After that we headed to the stunning Cala Mitjana where we climbed the coast a bit and jumped from about 8 meter high cliffs, such an unforgettable adventure! The cove is simply breathtaking with its soft sandy beach, turquoise clear waters and stunning views. In September it also wasn't too crowded and we could still go swimming. By the time we got to our friend's house we were quite exhausted from a hot adventurous day. Thus, we decided to just head for a shandy (beer mixed with lemon) at a local bar in Es Mercadal and get a good night's sleep.

Exploring Cales Coves

On Sunday, our second and last day in Menorca, we chose Cales Coves as our next place to explore. We weren't disappointed! After parking and walking for about 25 minutes we finally arrived at this natural paradise. Cales Coves is made up of two stunning coves, one with more seaweed, another one more sandy and rocky. You can walk along the coast from one cove to the other admiring the fabulous views of the deep blue sea. What I most loved about this place was its untouched nature. No garbage, no sunbeds, no tourists. We spotted many animals including little shrimps picking on my feet and a big octopus hiding under the rocks. We had our own little place on the rocks with a comfy hammock that seems to always hang there. The cove was visited by some families but mostly couples, many of them nudists. I absolutely loved it! It gave the whole place an even more natural touch seeing all these people running and swimming freely. I would have totally gotten naked myself if my boyfriend's friend hadn't been with us (haha am I allowed to say that here?!). Anyway, we adored Cales Coves and I hope it will always stay the small, untouched natural paradise it is now.

Evening Walk in Ciutadella

Later in the evening we walked around Ciutadella a bit before taking the ferry back to Mallorca. I always love coming here, the town is so beautiful with its colorful buildings, busy harbour and small winding alleys. Before heading home we went to the fortress near the harbour to watch the sunset, a perfect end to a very relaxing weekend escape!

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