Thursday, July 11, 2019

Randemar Restaurant in Port de Sóller

Happy Thursday, my dear readers! Hope you're all having a great sunny week so far wherever you are. Today I have a new post for you with another Mallorca tip. If you're following me here or on my social media you know how much I love sharing cool things to do on the island. Whether it be beaches, restaurants, cafés, towns or hiking routes. There's so much going on here (not only) in summer and it's impossible to check out ALL the lovely places Mallorca offers. However, today I'll tell you a bit about the beautiful Randemar Restaurant in Port de Sóller where I just recently had a photo shoot.

Randemar Restaurant

Randemar counts with a top location right by the sea in the harbour of Port de Sóller. Stunning views are guaranteed! Watch people walk by or ships coming in and enjoy a light sea breeze while sipping a cocktail or indulging in some of their tasty dishes. The restaurant is super stylish and offers a relaxed atmosphere with nice chill out music and friendly staff who are giving their best to make every visitor happy. 

A few weeks ago I accompanied the lovely girls of Estudio Palm who took some photos for Randemar. We had such a fun morning getting dressed up by Cristina Egurrola, the restaurant's owner, who also happens to be a talented interior designer and excellent stylist. On a sunny Thursday morning we enjoyed some cocktails, appetizers and delicious sea food while taking some cool lifestyle pics. I hope you like the outcome! Check Randemar's Instagram and Facebook for more photos of our shooting and enjoy the rest of your week :-)

Monday, July 1, 2019

Exploring Cala Magraner

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you're all having a fantastic start of the week. I'm finally back with a new post about an exciting excursion my boyfriend and I went on a while ago. On a busy summer afternoon we decided to escape the tourist crowds and check out a new hidden place we've never been to, the beautiful Cala Magraner.

Cala Magraner in Mallorca

Cala Magraner is located in the east of Mallorca, not far from Manacor. You have to park your car on a street and walk to the cove for about half an hour which is why it's quite empty even during high season. I love hidden places like this because tourists are usually to lazy to visit them, haha. Even though it was quite hot on the day of our excursion I really enjoyed the walk to the cove. We passed a beautiful Mediterranean landscape with pine, olive and almond trees, red soil, stone walls, sheep and we even spotted two wild turtles on our way!

Once we got to the cove we were happily suprised, it was super empty. Only a few boats and some people relaxing and swimming here and there. Cala Magraner is a pebble beach with stunning crystal clear water. Before laying down to relax and have a picnic we went for a little walk to explore the coast around the cove for a bit. You can walk up on the right side of the cove to the top of the rocks from where you have a breathtaking view of both Cala Magraner and the smaller Cala Virgili that is located right next to it. On the left side of Cala Magraner we also saw many people rock climbing. It seems to be a popular spot for this kind of activity thanks to its quite even, high walls of beautiful cream-colored rocks. Cala Magraner also looks like a great spot for cliff diving or snorkeling. Unfortunately we didn't bring our snorkels that day but will definitely do so if we go back in the future.

We spent the rest of our afternoon swimming, napping and enjoying a picnic by the sea. On our way back to the car we were so lucky to watch a beautiful sunset over the endless fields. And again I thought 'how fortunate am I to live on this island and spend my days like this'...

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