Friday, August 30, 2013

The Awesomeness Level of this Vacation is too damn high

And just when you think you've seen it all, it hits you - you haven't seen anything yet!
I'm pretty sure that I will have this feeling over and over again throughout my entire life. Just like three weeks ago when we got tickets for an open air paint party in Pollença!
Since I have already attended a paint party in Brooklyn at the beginning of the year (check out the fabulous blacklight party pics here), I expected excellent entertaining, haha. I was surprised when this event turned out even more breathtaking than I thought!
After 4 hours of super soakers splashing neon paint, incredibly booming house music and two very talented DJs wearing clown masks, I was simply done! You know why I love electro house music so much? Cause you don't really have to dance, all you gotta do is just jump up and down the entire party. Seriously, amidst hundreds of partygoers letting out all their aggressions on the, uhm, "dancefloor" (which basically resembled a dirty battlefield) the mood was both stress-relieved and insane - crazy vibes, I would ALWAYS do it again!

The morning after

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I wish that I could have this Moment for Life

Hey guys, first of all I am super upset that I don't live in Brooklyn anymore cause I clearly missed some amazingly, eehm, dubious performances at MTV's Video Music Awards at Barclays Center (I'm pretty sure you know what lady I'm talking about). Last year I had the pleasure to see Hova in person at his inaugural concert when Barclay's Center opened (check out the Jay Z post here), and it was sheer incredible!
However, I am lucky enough to have spent my entire summer on Mallorca, what a dream! Today you get to see some snapshots of my trip to Formentor, where you can climb loads of mountains that eventually spoil you with the most stunning views over the island's northern tip. A magnificent blue wherever you look and an amazingly idyllic scenery that astonishes you until the sun finally goes down. Make sure to check out this breathtaking place!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I hear your Heart Beat to the Beat of the Drums

When I travel I always get to experience the weirdest and most incredible things. Some of my Mallorca highlights included getting stung by a jellyfish (hurts like hell), having a wonderfully romantic dinner on a terrace with the most stunning view over Alcudia's harbor at midnight (home-made flambéed ice cream, yummy, Spanish men can cook), cruising around on a quad bike, watching the sunset over Formentor (next post!), being carried around by pirates and last but not least, having a photo shoot in a studio! 
I had the luck to work with the New Yorker singer Paul Collins, who is not only a world traveller who studied at Julliard, but also an incredibly talented singer and a really fun companion to hang out with. I am so grateful that we got to work with him!
Paul, who happens to love Mallorca as much as I do, invited us to shoot some pictures in a studio in Palma where we got to meet his band and listen to his new song. It was my first time in a recording studio so my sister and I had an excellent day trying out the drums, posing and just joking around with our new pals. Check out Paul's website here.
Rock on!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Do You know why I adore Boat Trips so much?

Hey guys, do you know why I adore boat trips so much?
Because you can completely forget about all your troubles, you're not worried about anything, and the open sea makes it easy for you to stop thinking for a while. Instead you get carried away by the vast ocean, the joyfully splashing waves and the endless sunshine. Plus, far away from all the tourism's hustle and bustle you can entirely relieve stress, relax and do nothing but enjoy the fresh air as well as the sound of waves - not that I spend my precious vacation time in tourist packed places, but you know, they are everywhere at this time of the year!
I was so excited when one of my Mallorquin friends took me and my girls on a boat ride, I even got the chance to play captain for a while, woohoo! We went to Coll Baix, a beautiful cove hidden in the mountains, and spent our day diving, eating loads of fresh fruits and tanning before sailing back to the harbor and into the sunset.
And THIS is why I love taking a cruise so much. What a life!

Friday, August 16, 2013

The happiest People don't have the best of Everything - they just make the best of Everything

Hey guys, maybe you've been wondering what my life looked like the last couple weeks. Since I went back to Mallorca it has been pretty entertaining - both relaxing and exciting - as you can imagine!
First of all, my friends and I had a fabulous time celebrating the Patrona of Pollença, a wonderfully crazy Mallorquin tradition, a festival that is celebrated every year at the beginning of August and includes pirates and Christians fighting against each other, that's totally my thing!
Furthermore I have been on two relaxing boat trips, explored my favorite place Sa Calobra a little more, hung out by the beach, did some diving, had a photo shooting, and so on... you know my life resembles a constant vacation at times ;-) Enjoy the black and white remix!

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