Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Walk in the Clouds

Now that it's summer in the city there are more than a hundred things to do every single day... relaxing at the beach, going for bike rides, reading a book in one of the most renowned parks, watching outdoor movies in the evening, plunging at a poolparty or... brunching on the rooftop of a hotel in the afternoon. Well, I chose the latter a couple of weeks ago, heading to the Dream Downtown for a memorable afternoon in town. I once stayed in the famous, sophisticated hotel between Meatpacking and Chelsea but never went to visit its rooftop bar.
Thus my girls and I headed to Manhattan's first bi-level rooftop lounge called PH-D and I was definitely not disappointed! A penthouse featuring deluxe touches (look at those chandeliers!) combined with a panoramic view of Manhattan's skyline is hard to beat. Amazingly fashionable partygoers, booming sounds and a smashing atmosphere created by the talented DJs and to top it, an incredible one-of-a-kind view when a rainbow showed up - we had a marvelous time, I can't help it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You're my ever after

It's only been one week since my best friend Kim from Germany left New York City after spending ten unforgettable days with me here, but still... it feels like she's been gone for so long already and I do miss her a lot by my side.
So here are some shots of an amazingly relaxed day we spent on Long Island with my sister. I love these make up free days when you just put on casual clothes, being able to do whatever you want because you didn't make any plans for that day. Those are the moments I enjoy most with my friends! Kim headed to Los Angeles after her NYC trip to study at UCLA and start living her own "American Dream" - just like I did one and a half years ago. You will still get to see some more pictures of our memorable moments but for now, I hope you enjoy these shots!

Loving frozen yogurt

Saturday, June 23, 2012

J'adore Urban Outfitters

Dear fashionable readers, this one is for you - coolness, glamour, streetchic - Urban Outfitters! It's time for another post about one of the coolest shops in town (check out the other post here).  I can truly say that this store is one of my very favorites because of its eccentric clothes and accessories. If you're in search of fancy, non-standard items that add a glam rock touch to your outfit, check out this paradise!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Work In Progress

After taking some midnight pics at the Rockefeller Center a few weeks ago, my sister and I decided to check out the hottest club in South Village, Work in Progress (short W.I.P.) - a nightclub you recently might have heard about because of Chris Brown and Drake's version of  "bottle poppin". Two of my favorite rappers are of the opinion that they can tackle their problems by throwing around champagne bottles in the underground club, awesome!
I’ve heard a lot about W.I.P. before the recent fight since it's supposed to be an artistic venue with a diverse crowd which can be really nice for a change facing the fact that the clubs in Meatpacking are packed with snobby businessmen and models. As a matter of fact W.I.P. is also one of the very few New Yorker clubs that are relatively big, it actually reminded me of an arty warehouse - walls sprayed with graffiti, sculptures and a projector reflecting a woman's face on the dancefloor. This club is different from the average spot and even though I didn't like the music that very night, I had a phenomenal time!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lily at the Beach - A Splash of Fantasy

Since I spent so many days relaxing at the beach lately, I really was in the mood for some beach shots. Thus I am head over heels in love with this May cover shoot of Vogue Spain, starring bombshell Lily Donaldson.  Enjoy these amazingly glamorous and sultry pictures of the British model captured by photographer Alex Lubimorski!


All pictures via fashiongonerogue

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