Friday, February 15, 2019

Cappuccino Grand Café in Valldemossa

Hi there, everyone! I can't believe it's Friday yet, this week just went by so quickly. I did lots of organizational stuff the past few days. Mostly travel planning because I'm going to Germany for a couple of days with my boyfriend to see my family and then we will also spend the month of March elsewhere, I will let you know soon where we'll go! 

Cappuccino Grand Café

Last week my friend Pernilla of Lifestyle Mallorca asked my other good friend Anna and me if we wanted to help her out as models for a lifestyle shooting for the fabulous Cappuccino Grand Café in Valldemossa. A lovely town in the mountains, hot chocolate, a cozy atmosphere and a fun morning with friends, of course we said yes! So we spent a wonderful sunny Wednesday morning in Valldemossa chatting and laughing, taking photos, indulging in delicious sweet and salty delicacies and getting spoilt by the super nice Cappuccino staff. Here you get to see the result of our shoot, hope you like the beautiful photos that Pernilla took!

Cappuccino Grand Café
Plaza Ramon Lull 5
07170 Valldemossa
Balearic Islands, Spain
+34 971 616 059

All photos by Pernilla Danielsson

Friday, February 8, 2019

Natalia Jana Design Jewelry

Hey there, my dear readers! Did you all have a fabulous week? I'm ending the first week of February with a new post about my recent photo shooting for Natalia Jana Design.
Natalia makes unique, lovely and elegant jewelry by hand in Palma de Mallorca using high-quality materials and beautiful gemstones in different colors. You can perfectly combine Natalia's timeless artisan designs with a cozy sweater as well as elegant evening dresses and many more looks. From delicate necklaces to bracelets and earrings in silver and gold, I'm sure every girl will find a new favorite piece browsing Natalia Jana Design's web shop. During our photo shoot in Palma a few weeks ago I fell in love with her Tiny Dancer and Gatsby Collection.
The photos were taken by the talented Ilona Antina Photography who I already worked with two years ago during a wedding photography workshop. Ilona is great at capturing beautiful moments and adding her unique touch to every single photo. The three of us had a super fun, relaxed morning of taking photos, sipping Yogi tea and chatting about travels, our private lifes and I hope you like the result! xo

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Cake in Canyamel

Hello you guys, did you all have a great start of the week? I spent Monday working all day on a presentation I'll be holding at a hotel in Mallorca's capital Palma this upcoming Thursday. I'll be talking about my personal story and my blog along with other female entrepreneurs at a networking event so I'm really excited and also a bit nervous this week. Even though I'm surely not the biggest and most professional blogger and have never monetarized my blog I feel so happy and lucky for all the opportunities and people my little blog has brought to my life.

Afternoon in Canyamel

Enough of me for now, today I'm bringing back summer a bit with these photos of a trip to Canyamel I took a few months ago. My friend Mariella and I had a photo shooting in the area that day and decided to combine it with a visit to the small resort town of Canyamel that's located in the east of Mallorca. There's not too much to do and see there except for a nice half sandy, half rocky beach, a few great hotels, a golf course and... a very lovely café called Café Saüc. Thanks to its colorful interior pieces and large inviting terrace the café has a very special charme. We loved simply hanging out there sipping some refreshing drinks (we had a vitamin smoothie and cranberry lemonade) and indulging in a yummy piece of cheesecake. The staff was super friendly and the menu extensive. They have great salad, bagel, cake, snack and drink options. So if you're ever in that area you should definitely swing by!

Monday, January 21, 2019

What to do on Menorca

Hello there and happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great start of the week. Today I'm taking you to Menorca, Mallorca's neighbor island that I love dearly. Menorca is such a paradise, much quieter and more unspoilt. Last spring (can't believe it took me almost a year to post this) I took a trip there with my girls to disconnect and explore the island so here are some tips you might find helpful when you visit the island.

What to do on Menorca

We spent only a weekend on Menorca but had enough time to explore different towns and beaches. I've been to the island a couple of times already (you can check all my Menorca posts here) and always love coming back and discovering new places. My sister, my friends and I got to the island on a Saturday morning by ferry and first went for some breakfast in Ciutadella to charge our batteries for the day. After some food shopping we drove to our little apartment located next to the beautiful Cala Santandria that we rented for the weekend. My sister found a great deal on Booking, we had a modern and cozy little home located just a few meters from the beach you can see in the first photo of this post.

From there we headed to Cala Turqueta which is supposed to be a great beach with gorgeous turquoise water. It was indeed very nice but also windy that day so the water wasn't too clear. That's why we didn't stay too long but headed to Cala Pregonda on the other side of the island instead. I had been to this magical place before so I just had to show it to my friends. The water there is amazing and the beach is never too crowded. You have to walk there for about half an hour, it's a very enjoyable walk though, until you can relax in the golden sand. After chilling there for a bit we went home because it got quite late and cold and we had planned cooking dinner at home. So we just spent a cozy night in planning our next day.

Coffee Time in Mahón

On our second day we were again very lucky, the sun was shining most of the time. Thus we decided to drive to Menorca's capital Mahón for a coffee and some exploring. Most shops and restaurants were closed on that Sunday but the Pipet & Co Café Lab was fortunately open so we could escape the cold winds and enjoy some hot drinks and coziness for a bit. In the afternoon we headed to the lovely little town of Binibequer. I had been there before and fell in love with the whitewashed houses and narrow alleys back then. Binibequer is just such a charming place with its very own character. We walked through the small village for a bit and eventually drove back to Ciutadella where we ended our day with a yummy sandwich and a visit to the beautiful Cala en Brut. This cove is for sure a special one with its crystal clear water and sundecks between the rocks. If you're spending the day in Ciutadella and have some time left you should definitely stop by this stunning cove, it's only a five-minute drive away. I hope you enjoyed this post, more Mallorca and also New York tips are coming soon!

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