Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The evil Beauty - Black Swan

Hey guys, since I had so much going on the last few days, I didn't have time yet to post any pictures of recent events (including a NY Knicks game and a subway ride without pants - I'll post about that later). Therefore today's post is dedicated to one of the most talented, authentic and beautiful actresses I know - Natalie Portman - in one of my favorite movies ever ... Black Swan.
Hats off for Natalie playing the passionate, ambitious and beautiful but fasting dancer Nina in such a distinguished way. The aspiring dancer's story fascinated me till the end and the delicate costumes were as gorgeous-looking as Vincent Cassel in this ballet thriller. Also, I wish I could bend like Natalie and be as skinny as her  in this movie ;-)

The leading actor and actress are a great couple on the red carpet

 In addition to all these great shots I found a wonderfully delicate photo series by Jason Schmidt on Fashion Gone Rogue.

First pictures via Google, photo series via fashiongonerogue


  1. Danke für dein Kommentar. :)
    Hab Black Swan gesehen. Super film!


  2. Awarded your blog the virsatile blog award!:D

  3. Its a incredible movie, the actress, the clothes..everything!!

  4. The black swan is going to be a really good movie I bet and I can't wait to watch this one. Such a wonderful storyline and the perfect cast.

  5. Yeah! It was a nice movie. The actress did a flawless job with her acting skills. She always look stunning in the black outfit.

  6. Thanks for sharing amazing information !!!!!!
    Please keep up sharing.


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