Monday, November 4, 2013

Sightseeing Session

Hello there, hope you all had a great Monday! After celebrating my birthday last week I finally found some time to relax a little. My head is so full of all kinds of media theories, binary codes and writing techniques that I barely succeed in reenergizing.
So the time has come, I treated myself with a flight to Mallorca... again! Germany is surely a nice country but hey, I grew up here, and no matter how much I have to study, I'm bored as hell after two or three months in the cold darkness :-D Kidding, Germany isn't that bad after all but I still need a sweet escape once in a while. And what could be better than indulging in summer cocktails, long sunbathing sessions and reading (media sciences) books at the beach? So be prepared, you will get to see more wonderfully bright and colorful pictures of my favorite Spanish island very soon! I think we all need a short break from winter coats, rain boots and falling leaves so I guess I only do us all a favor ;-)
Until then, have a wonderful start of the week and enjoy these pictures of some architectural masterpieces in the enchanting city called Münster!


  1. theres meeeeeeeeeeeee. miss you <3

  2. Super schöne Bilder!! Ach ich würde auch gerne mal wieder verreisen.

  3. Thanks so much for the comment! i love this post :D
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  4. Waiting for you to come!!!!!!!
    today the weather is nice, sunny and hot day!!!!!
    kisses pretty girl!

  5. Super Bilder!!!


  6. Hi, liebe Laura! Also irgendwie kann ich mir nicht helfen - und dass, obwohl Du auf den Bildern wirklich wie immer wunderschön und sehr stylish aussiehst - irgendwie passt Du gar nicht in diese deutsche Stadt Münster ;) Du bist wirklich ein Kind der Sonne, sowohl im tatsächlichen als auch übertragenen Sinn <3

    Genieße die Zeit auf Deiner Insel und tanke genügend Sonne für die nächste Zeit in Deutschland :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. Lovely shots as usual Laura, you make me want to visit every place you photograph!

    What's the colourful item of clothing underneath your jacket? Love the pattern!

    Enjoy Mallorca, look forward to the pics!

    Sarah xx

    Smaz Says

  8. such an amazing architecture! and of course you look truly incredible!

  9. Happy belated birthday! I'm all about trips that savor a bit of old history and architecture! Looks like a blast!

    Thank you for the blog visit love! Would love to get your thoughts on my latest!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  10. Sieht nach einem spaßigen Trip aus :)

  11. your holiday looks amazeballs!

    lets follow eachother and network? i'm followin you ^^

    keep in touch

  12. The inside of the cathedral looks like something straight out of Harry Potter : ) So pretty. Gosh, like always I'm so jealous of you! Living in Germany, but taking a holiday escapade back to lovely Mallorca. So jealous!!



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