Friday, January 15, 2016

An Island so quiet

Hey everyone! How was your week? I'm back in Germany by now, exams are coming up so I'm studying every single day. We also have to finish a lot of projects which is really time-consuming. I'm not really focused on my blog these days so this is gonna be a pretty short post.
Today you get to see some pics of Port de Pollença, a pretty little town in the North of Mallorca. It's actually a very touristy spot, but totally relaxing in winter. All the shops and most of the restaurants are closed so you can enjoy a relaxing walk by the beach or have a cappuccino in of the cute cafés by the harbor. It's incredible how quiet this island is during the winter months, you feel like you're wandering through ghost towns with no one around. If you're looking for some water sport like kite surfing, a pretty beach promenade or shopping possibilities, you will love this place in summer though! Hope you like the pics :-)

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