Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pollença Romance

Hey there, are you all having a good week so far? Mine is pretty busy, I spent the last couple of weeks in Germany doing some university stuff. But I'm heading back to Mallorca tomorrow for a photo shooting and a friend's wedding.
Today you get to see some pics of Pollença, a charming village in the North of Mallorca. Part of my family lives there so it has always been a special place for me. When my mom came to visit us on Mallorca we went for a paella one Sunday and went for a walk through the beautiful town after lunch. I love Pollença because it's so authentic, cozy and romantic. There are loads of small shops like the one you see here, Miss Kitsch, which is one of my favorites. Plus there are numerous cafés and restaurants that offer the best Mallorquin food. So stop by one day and feel the romance of Pollença ;-)

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