Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hiking at Cala Mesquida

Hello there and happy Valentine's Day! Hope you're all spending this special day with your love... unlike me because my boyfriend lives in a different country. I'm back in Germany after staying a week on Mallorca and a few days at my parents' home and it really sucks, haha. I have to get everything ready to move to Spain in about six weeks plus I have to go to Hamburg almost every single day this week because of a job and there's also a friend from New York City coming this weekend so I'm really excited but busy. Can't really concentrate on my bachelor thesis but that's how life goes. I guess I'll write it from Mallorca then.
Anyway, today you get to see some pics of a hike on a beautiful day that turned into a pretty stormy one. My boyfriend and I went to the beautiful Cala Mesquida one summer day and always wanted to come back in winter when there are no tourists. So last Sunday we went for a hike from the beach of Cala Mesquida to Cala Torta, another marvelous beach. We loved the trail along the coast and were lucky to enjoy some sunlight before a storm came up and almost blew us away, haha. The rest of the two hour hike was pretty chaotic and cold but still exciting. We saw a little ship wreck and also a group of cute sheep in the mountains. The best thing was that we had the whole place just for ourselves. I guess the people didn't leave their houses that day because they knew about the upcoming storm, lucky them. I really loved being alone with Miguel and just exploring the area and talking and laughing together. I can totally recommend this excursion in winter, it's a beautiful trail and you feel like you got the whole island for yourself. Hope you like the pics, xo

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