Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Mallorca, here I come

My dear readers, the time has come... I'm moving to Mallorca today! I'm leaving my home country Germany for good to live on the beautiful Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. So how do I feel about that?

To be honest, it's not the biggest move I've taken in my life. More than six years ago I moved to New York City after graduating and THAT was a really big deal for me cause I moved out of my family's home for the first time, it was really far away and I had to leave my family and friends for a long time. My time in the USA turned out just great. I lived in New York for more than two years with a wonderful host family. I took care of their two lovely kids and had a really great relationship with my host parents (who I will get to see on Mallorca this summer, so excited). After spending such a long time in New York and having a 'real life' there I was more than upset to have to leave and go back to Germany in 2013. However, I spent that summer on Mallorca with my sister at my aunt's home, who lives there, before starting university. That's where I met Miguel, my boyfriend for over three years now. I never planned to live in Spain but during the last three years I traveled back and forth between Germany and Mallorca to see Miguel and started loving the island. My relationship with Miguel became more serious than we both thought and we ended up having a long distance relationship. In the end I have decided to move to Mallorca! It doesn't really feel 'new' or 'strange' though because I have spent so much time there anyway during the last couple of years. Miguel's apartment has been my new home for a long time now and I have made so many friends on the island that I can't wait to live there permanently. I have also already found a job even though I'm still writing my bachelor thesis. You see, it's not like 'off into the unknown', it's more like a new chapter of my life that I've already gotten familiar with.
I have to admit that I am a little sad to leave my apartment in Germany, I felt really comfy there and it was my first own place. I will also miss my university friends (mostly you, Paulchen) and my family even more. But they will come visit me pretty often so the separation is not as bad as it was when I left for New York.
I'm also taking my sister with me, haha, or she is taking me, not sure. Life somehow wants us to stay together. She's moving to Mallorca as well, so I'll always have my sister by my side which is awesome because I'll never want to miss her. We've been through sooo many things together, I can't imagine not having her by my side.
So this is pretty much what I feel about my move to Mallorca. Do I have any doubts? Sure I do! Will I get bored on the island? Will I fit in? Will Miguel and I manage to live together without annoying each other? Haha, there are many doubts but more positive thoughts about moving to Mallorca so I'll just do it. At this point of my life I don't really feel like staying in Germany for the next couple of years or being separated from my boyfriend any longer so I think moving to Spain is not the worst idea.
Have you ever moved to a new country? Do you have any experiences with long distance relationships? Or do you wanna know more about my new life on Mallorca? Feel free to leave any thoughts or questions and I'll make sure to answer them.
For now, goodbye Germany and... Mallorca, here I come!

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