Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mexico Diary - San Cristóbal de las Casas

Hey there, hope you're all having a great week! Today I'm taking you to San Cristóbal de las Casas, our third stop in Mexico. San Cristóbal is a lovely colonial city set in a highland valley in the state of Chiapas. It's a very walkable city, you can easily see it in one day. What surprised me most about this town was its crazy mix of century-old buildings, tradition and modern, cosmopolitan places. You'll find lots of indigenous people there selling food and handmade products on the market and also (unfortunately) begging for money in restaurants and cafés, whereas many other Mexicans and tourists spend lots of money on shopping or lunch and dinner at modern stores and food places. We only spent 12 hours in San Cristóbal and the weather wasn't too great so we basically spent the whole day in cafés and restaurants. Going through the pics I prepared for this post I noticed that this is more a food rather than a travel post, haha. I hope you find it helpful anyway.

What to Do and Where to Eat
We got to San Cristóbal early in the morning coming from Oaxaca. After dropping off our luggage at a storage we found at the bus station (cause we would leave that same day) we headed to the town centre looking for a nice breakfast place. After only 5 minutes we found a cute, tiny restaurant called No Name Restaurant which you can see in the first photos. They had a great breakfast offer including eggs, pancakes, fruit, bread, tea and coffee. I opted for fluffy pancakes (in Mexico they call them hot cakes) with yummy dulce de leche and Miguel for 'huevos divorciados', fried eggs with tasty red and green salsa. After breakfast we walked through the town centre for a bit exploring the charming cobbled streets and central square. We checked out the local market where you could find all kinds of food, clothes and decoration. We also stopped by the artisans market where I bought a lovely tablecloth for my mom. Since we were not dressed properly that day (leggings and a sweater were definitely not warm enough) we spent the next few hours at the café Cacao Nativa to warm up. It's a very modern café where they serve all kinds of hot chocolate. I chose the 70% dark chocolate and Miguel had a yummy frappé topped with whipped cream. After having so much sweet food and drinks in the morning I needed something salty. So we tried some Mexican street food, 'chicharrín', a large cracker topped with corn, cucumber, mayonnaise, carrots, cheese and hot sauce. I loooved it! Honestly 'chicharrín' quickly turned into my new favorite Mexican dish, it's so simple yet so fresh and delicious. I'll try to make this at home, haha. After having a snack we went for another walk and stopped by El Meson Del Taco for 'tacos al pastor' which weren't too bad but not the best tacos I've tried in Mexico. Last but not least we went to Esquina San Augustín, an ultra modern, hipster mall/food market where we had a matcha and caramel latte at the café Amor Negro. Before taking the night bus to our next destination we picked up some clean clothes at the luggage storage and went to a hotel to take a shower. It was a little crazy 'living in a bus' for 3 days, I'll tell you all about it in my next post so stay tuned ;-) Hope you like these pics of San Cristóbal. Have a great week, everyone!

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