Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mexico Diary - Las Coloradas

Hello there, hope you're all having a fantastic Sunday! Mine is pretty relaxed, my boyfriend and I had a tasty smoothie for breakfast, did some cleaning this morning and now I finally have time to write a new post about another beautiful place we visited during our Mexico trip. While we stayed in Valladolid we visited the colorful lakes of Las Coloradas, which I had seen on Leonie's beautiful blog Ohh Couture before, so I wanted to share some tips and photos of this trip with you guys.

What is Las Coloradas?
Las Coloradas is actually just a tiny and quiet fishermen's village that is not very touristy but there is a huge saline, a working salt factory, next to it that is responsible for the brightly colored lakes. Keep in mind that this is not a natural wonder but a private place so you are not allowed to go anywhere you like.

How to Get there
Starting from Valladolid it took us more than two hours to get to the colorful lakes. We took a bus to a small town called Tizimin in the morning and from there another bus to Las Coloradas. We were told this last bus goes to the fishermen's village and returns to Tizimin only once a day so we were a little worried that we wouldn't get back Valladolid. However, there are taxis coming to Las Coloradas a few times a day that will take you to Tizimin from where you can take the bus back to Valladolid. This is how we got home too.

What to Do
Once we arrived at Las Coloradas we had to walk about two minutes to the salines which didn't look very pink at first sight. However, we kept walking a little and with the changing angle of sunlight the water changed it's color from a greyish tone to a beautiful cotton-candy pink. There were also other lakes that had an intense orange color. You can walk by the water for about half an hour up to an hour depending on how many times you stop for photos. You can also find some flamingos there and watch them for a while. Even though some tourists take a dip you're not supposed to swim in the lakes. Most of the lakes are fenced anyway and even though this is becoming a more and more popular spot (thanks to social media) the salines are not meant to be a tourist attraction. No need to say that the lakes are extremely salty and the water touching your skin might burn if you have cuts or wounds. Other than admiring the colorful water there's not much else to do around there. It is only really worth the trip if you're into photography and unique, less visited places.
Remember, take lots of sunscreen and water with you, since there are no shops and trees around the lakes so there's no shade.

I personally loved the pink lakes. I had been to the salines in Es Trenc on Mallorca before so it wasn't the first time for me seeing colorful, salty lakes. However, my boyfriend and I were glad that we visited Las Coloradas because it surely is a romantic, beautiful place. I hope you liked this post, let me know if you have any more questions about our Mexico adventures ;-)

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