Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mexico Diary - Holbox Wildlife

Happy Thursday, guys! Hope your week is going well. Mine is pretty relaxed, I had off yesterday so I went to Mallorca's capital Palma with my boyfriend. I took him to the Hammam Palma, a beautiful spa with an Arabic touch, where we enjoyed a thermal bath and a one-hour massage, sooo good, I can highly recommend it! Today is the 'Dia de las Islas Baleares' which is a holiday here on Mallorca so I finally have some time to write this new post for you about the beautiful island Holbox in Mexico. One more Mexico post about our last stop CancĂșn will follow and then I'll start writing about more recent events and Mallorca again. So, here we go!

In my last post I gave you some tips about Holbox including how to get there and where to stay. So today I'm showing you a bit more of the island and its' wildlife. Yup, Holbox is the perfect spot for wildlife watching.
Miguel and I started our second day on the island early. After breakfast we went for a walk through the town of Holbox admiring and taking photos of its' street art. After that we decided to go for a walk by the beach. We didn't really have a plan that day and since it rained the night before the beach was a bit wet and the water looked a little greyish, therefore we didn't go swimming but for a walk instead. Best idea ever I have to say! We kept walking and walking towards the tip of the island called Punta Mosquito. After a while the water got clearer, more tranquil and shallow, the island became wilder and the hotels and people disappeared until there were only the two of us. We loved it! We have been to similar wild places in Cuba and Costa Rica before and absolutely love the undisturbed tranquility allowing us to explore the 'world' just by ourselves without any distractions. After about one hour of walking we got to a point where we couldn't keep going since there was a kind of river connecting to the sea that separated us from the other side. Since we heard that there are crocodiles on the island and couldn't see the bottom or depth of the river we didn't really want to take the risk to cross it. So we left the beach and just started walking through the ocean which was perfectly fine because the water was clear and shallow so we could take all our belongings. When we saw the first flamingos and pelicans we stopped. There was no water anymore but a huge white sandbank surrounded by crystal clear water, the mangroves, wild birds and other animals. We spotted sting rays, fishes, flamingos, pelicans and many more species of birds. It was a true wildlife paradise. We could have stayed forever watching the flamingos and pelicans eat quietly. Luckily I had my zoom lens with me so we could watch them from far away without disturbing the animals and I could also take some great shots. So whenever you make it to Holbox, go for a walk to Punta Mosquito for a marvelous wildlife experience!
After three or four hours of exploring we went back home. We were so tired of walking in the sun that we got on a golf cart taxi as soon as we reached the town. It was so much fun riding the dirty, wet roads! Once we got home we took a shower, relaxed for a bit and went to see the sunset - the perfect end of an adventurous day on the island!
If you have any questions about our Mexico trip, where we went, where we slept and how we moved from one place to the other, feel free to leave a comment! xo

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