Friday, February 15, 2019

Cappuccino Grand Café in Valldemossa

Hi there, everyone! I can't believe it's Friday yet, this week just went by so quickly. I did lots of organizational stuff the past few days. Mostly travel planning because I'm going to Germany for a couple of days with my boyfriend to see my family and then we will also spend the month of March elsewhere, I will let you know soon where we'll go! 

Cappuccino Grand Café

Last week my friend Pernilla of Lifestyle Mallorca asked my other good friend Anna and me if we wanted to help her out as models for a lifestyle shooting for the fabulous Cappuccino Grand Café in Valldemossa. A lovely town in the mountains, hot chocolate, a cozy atmosphere and a fun morning with friends, of course we said yes! So we spent a wonderful sunny Wednesday morning in Valldemossa chatting and laughing, taking photos, indulging in delicious sweet and salty delicacies and getting spoilt by the super nice Cappuccino staff. Here you get to see the result of our shoot, hope you like the beautiful photos that Pernilla took!

Cappuccino Grand Café
Plaza Ramon Lull 5
07170 Valldemossa
Balearic Islands, Spain
+34 971 616 059

All photos by Pernilla Danielsson

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