Sunday, June 9, 2019

Yoga Retreat Mallorca

Hi there, everyone. Sorry for being a bit absent lately. My mom was here for over a week and then I fell sick and had a couple of events in between as well so no time for my blog. I've been enjoying the time with my mom to the fullest. We went to beaches, restaurants, hiking and even attended a yoga retreat with my sister last Sunday which I will tell you a bit more about.

Yoga Retreat by A'Distraction

My good friend Anna who is the founder of the yoga couture brand A'Distraction organizes yoga retreats in Mallorca once or twice a year. She doesn't only create collections of clothes and accessories that suit a modern, versatile woman’s life and needs, but also helps women relax and disconnect in stunning surroundings. And this time she had also invited me, my mom and sister to join her exclusive yoga retreat.

The A'Distraction Yoga & Beach Retreat was held at the beginning of June and lasted five days. We only joined the group of eight women for one day but left totally relaxed and happy. The retreat was held at a beautiful finca called Ses Set Cases in the lush countryside close to Capdepera. After being welcomed with a tasty green juice we started our day with a yoga practice early in the morning. Our yoga teacher Cynthia of Chandra Yoga was a true sweetheart yet a strong and powerful woman who showed us how to breathe deeply, relax and do our yoga exercises correctly. She put together a great class of slower poses and faster movements. 

After the yoga session we enjoyed a fantastic healthy brunch by the lovely Gaby of Cucina Gambina. She served organic vegetarian dishes including freshly made almond milk, green salad, glutenfree bread, homemade granola and lots of other delicacies that kept us full all day.

Before heading home in the afternoon we had the chance to chat with other participants and to enjoy plenty of me time by the pool. I would have totally loved to stay longer, at least a week, haha. It was my first yoga retreat and I had such a fantastic time with my mom, sister and the other women. We left so happy and deeply relaxed after spending half a day at the finca. I can only imagine what these peaceful, quiet surroundings, yoga classes and yummy healthy meals do to you in a week! 


  1. Klasse, dass Deine Mutter Dich besucht hat und das Yoga-Retreat war offenbar richtig super!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Hallo liebe Rena, ja es war so schön, meine Mama mal wieder hier zu haben. Und das Yoga Retreat hat uns allen super gefallen. Sowas würde ich gerne jeden Tag machen :) Liebste Grüße aus Mallorca, xo

  2. Lovely to meet you and thanks for the beautiful photos. We will do a cooking workshop on the next retreat :)

    1. Lovely, will try to join. It's a fab idea! Hope to see you again soon :)

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