Sunday, March 1, 2020

Salt des Freu Excursion

Dear readers, I sincerely hope you and your families are doing well and hanging in there during this crazy and uncertain time. What a strange world we are living in right now. My heart is truly with you all. I know most of us are staying home right now, including us here in Spain, so I wanted to write a new post for you guys to offer you something to read and also something to look forward to once all this is over.

Es Salt des Freu in Mallorca

Today's post is about a day excursion to Orient my boyfriend and I did on a sunny day this winter. We explored the natural "Es Salt des Freu" waterfalls for the first time and let me tell you, it was such a magical experience! During winter time, after heavy rainfall, the Torrent de Coanegra river fills up and turns into beautiful springs and waterfalls hidden in a fairytale forest near Orient, a little village located in Mallorca's Serra de Tramuntana. You can only enjoy this natural spectacle for a few days during the year. We were lucky to see the waterfalls in sunlight which made our excursion even more magical.

This untouched piece of earth is located just a few kilometers from the village of Orient on the road from Bunyola to Alaro. We have accessed Orient via Alaro though, coming from Alcudia. The beginning of the route is signposted with a wooden sign that shows the way to Santa Maria. It's an easy hiking route (approx. 20 minutes) across the country on the "Camí des Freu" path lined with dry stone walls. The path is a bit rocky and muddy after rain so you better wear older shoes or rain boots. After passing some olive trees, a beautiful widespread countryside and herds of sheep you will reach the river and the first springs.

It's a bit tricky to cross the water to get to the other side of the river. We crossed the stream to the right and enjoyed the first sight of the crystal clear water spouting between moss-covered rocks and trees. You could think a fairy or little dwarf shows up any moment in this magical forest. After resting there for a bit we continued our way down until we reached a hill from where we could admire the biggest waterfall from above. Watching the amount and force of the water running down the hill was very impressive!

If you look further down the valley, you will see a small path you can follow. Once at the bottom, you can experience the "Es Salt des Freu" waterfall in all its glory. It is much bigger than it looks here in my photos! If you get a little closer you get really wet so be careful with your phone or camera.

Even though we visited on a Sunday noon and there were lots of visitors when we arrived we could still enjoy the waterfalls in absolute peace. You can always find a spot where there are no people and many families also left during lunch time. Furthermore, you will most likely see some people wearing a wetsuit and helmet. These are the outdoor sports fans who are doing a canyoning tour. It must be so much fun hiking, sliding and climbing through a canyon and jumping or swimming in the turquoise water. I will definitely come back one year for a canyoning tour.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I would recommend this excursion to anyone (especially families) visiting the island in winter. Exploring "Es Salt des Freu" is such a magical, calming experience and will make you appreciate our beautiful Earth even more. Please stay healthy and safe, everyone! Until next time <3

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