Friday, October 14, 2011

Today's Class: How to succeed in the Fashion Industry

Pat Field - one of the most innovative, extraordinary, crazy and fantastic personalities in the fashion world - and I have the pleasure to meet her in person!
Yesterday I went to the Hilton Hotel in Midtown to attend a lecture by the world famous stylist - How to succeed in the fashion industry. What a perfect occasion to wear my new Pat Field shirt. Nina, Yasemin and I were all quite nervous and excited ...well, these feelings didn't last long because the minute Pat walked in, the parlor was full of energy. The charming lady with the blazing red, fuzzy hair and neon green glasses and shoes caught my attention right away. Her dark, smoky voice and her eclectic, dynamic way of talking makes this person so special, so charismatic - she owned my sympathy immediately. While talking about the styling world, Sex and the City, her inspirations and education, and about fashion business in general, we had so much fun, bursting out laughing once in a while because of Mrs. Field's hilarious comments. We didn't only learn about how to create your own fashion line or become a successful stylist but also a lot about life. Here are some quotes by Patricia, which I wrote down this night:

'If you're in a hole, don't dig it deeper. You have to have a philosophy of how to get out!'
About Sex and the City - 'I would direct one of the episodes and they would look at me like I'm from Mars.'
About style - 'It's not about a label, it's about how you arrange the clothes to tell a story.'
'To me, life is a game. As long as you keep it a game, it's fun!'

My lovely Pat Field shirt I wore that night

Last pic via

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