Thursday, December 22, 2011

Manhattan Magic

Guys, you can't believe how much I missed grabbing my camera and heading to the city all by myself, haven't done that in a long time, just my camera and me - strolling through Manhattan alone, breathing in the abnormally warm December air and taking the greatest shots ever of all the fantastic Christmas ornaments on the streets and the stunning decorations at Bergdorf, Tiffany and Saks on Fifth Avenue (these stores just outdo one another each single year - they always blow my mind) !
I love these shots, I love my camera, I love Manhattan, I love Christmas in NYC and I love the shop windows at Bergdorf (you will see why)! For now lean back and enjoy my pictures of the Christmas decorations at Rockefeller and on Fifth Avenue. Have a good night!

J'adore super size
Favorite shot!!! At Tiffany

La maison de Cartier

The Rockefeller Tree

YES, totally agree!

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