Monday, December 19, 2011

Russia, ja ljublju tebja

Москва - я тебя люблю (Moscow, I love you) !
I unfortunately have to admit that I've never been to this magical looking city, even though it always attracted me because of its beauty, art and glamour. I somehow developed  true love to Russia over the past years - thanks to my numerous Russian friends ;-) I adore the country's traditions, culture, language and especially the food (Pelmeni, Plombir and Russian shashlik -  yummy). Plus also... the Russian DJs have a fantastic sense of house music! Hopefully I'll get to see this glamorous city one day with my own eyes. Take a look at all these wonderful dolls (Matroshki, which I also collect) and the gorgeous Kremlin. I also posted some videos of my favorite Russian songs. Enjoy! до скорого

All pics via - one of my favorite blogs, it's so lovely!

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