Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Never forget the Genius - Michael Jackson, the Immortal World Tour!

There's no such words that could express what I experienced at Madison Square Garden three weeks ago - I was incredibly lucky to get invited to see the world famous Cirque du Soleil performing to the booming songs of the King of Pop... Michael Jackson!
The "Immortal World Tour" left me speechless, overwhelmed and simply amazed! Since I was a kid I grew up with Michael Jackson songs - my dad had such a big crush on his music! You can barely imagine how I freaked out when they put on my favorite songs "Beat it", "Smooth Criminal", and "They don't care about us". The amazingly talented artists performing to the world renowned songs - including pole dancers, acrobats, breakdancers, singers and guitarists - put on such a higly elaborated and diverse show which led the audience into a world of fantasy, Michael Jackson's childhood and much more - leaving us bedazzled and stunned! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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