Thursday, April 26, 2012

Washington, D.C. Part I - The Pentagon and more

Welcome to Washington, D.C - one of the most beautiful cities I visited in the US so far!
I decided to explore the capital on the Easter weekend and had such a great time doing some sightseeing and escaping the big city life by simply relaxing in the sun. I consider Washington as a stunning city, not as diverse or exciting as New York but just charming and beautiful! What surprised and delighted me most was the fact that the city is so green, with so many trees and gorgeous parks! You wouldn't think this is very astonishing but believe me, if you have lived in NYC for more than a year, you're sometimes glad to just see some nature and less traffic AND people :-D So the next three or four posts will be about my trip to the capital and I hope that you will be as fascinated as I was!

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