Sunday, May 20, 2012

Go Bronx Bombers - first Yankee Game

Ok, I have been living in New York City for almost one and a half years now and except for the New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in January I have never seen any sports game in the U.S. - how come? Am I not interested in sports? Well, as a kid I did horseback riding and ballet - I was just a real girly girl. But I was never really interested in basketball, baseball or even football, not to mention that there's only a tiny amount of Germans who play these kinds of sports.
Nevertheless... a baseball game is not only a baseball game when you live in the United States, and that's why I love watching games here! The crowd is cheering in a great spirit, you get to eat huge amounts of fast food and everyone is yelling into your ear when their team scores - could it be better? Thus my sister and  I went to our very first Yankees game at the renowned Yankee Stadium in the Bronx last week.
And hell yeah, we had a great time! Seeing celebrities like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter in person on the field was pretty awesome. And even though the Yankees didn't really pull of a brilliant performance, it was an unforgettable game!

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