Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Washington, D.C. Part IV - Hello Mr. President!

From New York to Washington, D.C. - this will be the last post of my marvelous trip to this beautiful city.
What I found really impressing were the 4,048 golden stars that the Freedom Wall in the World War II Memorial holds. Each star represents one hundred Americans who died during World War II. There were so many stars on this wall, I could barely imagine the amount of people who died in that war if each single star stands for one hundred persons - this is the true price of freedom.
After walking around for two days already, we decided to rent bikes, and I can tell... it was hilarious! We had such an awesome time biking through the city - in fact no one in New York City rides a bike so I haven't done it in more than a year!
Somehow we finally made it to the White House. I've seen it countless times on TV but I honestly have to admit, I didn't expect it to be that small! Standing in front of the surrounding fence, I was like: 'It's beautiful but seriously, this is it?' Even the Lincoln Memorial impressed me more - sorry Mr. Obama, it's not your fault ;-)
Our last stop was Georgetown, to me the most beautiful and cozy part of the city thanks to its closeness to the river and all the little shops and colorful houses you could find there.
Washington, D.C., thanks for letting me escape the busy, noisy and sometimes really grey New York City life! I didn't relax that much in a long time!

World War II Memorial

The Freedom Wall

Visiting Mr. Obama - the White House

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