Thursday, September 12, 2013

Reality is knocking on my Door

Dear lovely readers, here it is - the final photo series of my incredible summer on Mallorca. All good things come to an end and so did my vacation.
Reality is kicking in by now, university will start in a couple days (yeesh, so excited after three school free years)! I was honestly overwhelmed by the feedback I got from all the universities, out of 16 that I applied to, 13 took me! I never expected to get into so many schools, even Berlin sent me a positive response. You know I really wanted to study in our capital but after comparing all classes and overthinking my choices I decided to study multimedia production in a pretty little city in Northern Germany right by the ocean (big plus). I prefer media classes over American or cultural studies (don't know what job specifically requires the latter) so I decided to give more importance to the university rather than the location.
So far I have been super satisfied with my decision, I like the school and also found a new apartment with my sister who will study the same. I got so many things to do and buy, it's been crazy since I got back from Mallorca.
Anyway, today you get to see a colorful remix of some last vacation snapshots, hope you enjoy them.
The lovely blonde girl you can see on photo number eight is Encarna of  Blogger Heels. I had the chance to meet her on Mallorca, where she lives, and was overwhelmed by her wearm-heartedness and humour. She is such an adorable, smart person who never stops shining. Encarna brought her really cute kids along and we spent some wonderful hours at the beach together, I'm so glad that I had the pleasure to meet her!
I'm sure most of you will also start school soon or continue working again - so cheers to us and an unforgettable summer!

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